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    I met Chris Cobb!

    Hello peeps.

    I've just been reading with interest the postings on Chris Cobb and his CDC Marketing blurb.

    I knew Chris in 2005 when he worked for a blue chip company as a project manager, but he did very little project managing and only lasted for about 6 months. He said he spent most of his time on property investment, doing up older houses. He said he rented out 6 houses, then I believe he sold the lot ensuring some how he paid no or mininmal capital gains. Chris is keen on exploiting legal loopholes to minimise tax, as we all should be. I'd say any money of the lifestyle Chris advertises came in large part from property buy to let investments.

    Chris always seemed money obsessed. He has a definite interest in beating the system. He is obviously not the 9 to 5 type. He strikes me as the kind of guy who will either become rich or perhaps end up in jail after reading these postings.

    To be fair to Chris though, and I didn't know him outside of work, he seemed a likeable and genuine guy - willing to help. He's a young chap, around 30 years old, girlfriend, a little quite, never really slotted into his role. I find his current activities a little surprising.

    Is he a conman? - I have no idea.

    For me, I have not, nor would I get involved with CDC or any apparently too good to be true "wealth opportunities".

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    Re: I met Chris Cobb!

    thanks for the info. A lot can happen in 2 years.

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    Re: I met Chris Cobb!

    Does Chris Cobb have any marketing secrets that are new?

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    Re: I met Chris Cobb!

    Please stay away from CDC MArketing and the person behind that.

    That guy is useless living you to your own device upon purchasing a simple basic sytem of his. That is not the right, ethical way to conduct any business.

    Whatever claim he makes, someone asking for money and a lot as well, rest assured it is a scam. It might be a legitimate business if this guy were really helping people out.

    You are all warned: in the interest of your own money and dignity stay away from cdc marketing.

    Just personal opinion, then choice is of course yours to take upon my advice.

    Good luck

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