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    YourGiftsFree... real or not?

    ill like to know if http://yourgiftsfree.com/ actually sends the stuff for free, i dont want to be scammed

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    Re: YourGiftsFree... real or not?

    I tried there site once after hearing it kind of sucked. I did an offer that normally always gives credit. I did not recieve credit from there site and assumed everyones warnings were true and gave up

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    Re: YourGiftsFree... real or not?

    actually they are legit. i've done two sites from them. If u want to give them a try, try a smaller site by them. Pm me for link

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    Re: YourGiftsFree... real or not?

    This goes for all "freebie" or "incentive" sites: all you have to do is type in '[site name] scam' into Google or other search engine. I put typed in 'Yourgiftsfree scam' and 'yourgiftsfree' into Google and among many other informative sites this one was very interesting:


    You will find good and bad experiences with these "freebie" sites. And after doing your research make a decision: will I fall prey and end up like the bad experiences or will I be one the lucky ones. Me, I try to warn people and they usually say,"aw, that won't happen to me," and while they are collecting freebies out of no where, "I'm on hold for false reasons..." or "I didn't break the TOS" and the list goes on.

    Stay away from shady admins especially those who have PASTS of fraudulent activity with freebie sites themselves and then they have the audacity to turn around and put past frauds will get your account on hold in their TOS or TOC. Then your site ought to be shut down because you yourself have committed fraud.

    Do your research first and dig deep don't just scratch the surface, you'd be amazed at the kind of info you'll come across. I came across a lot on YGF because HE GAVE ME the link where he was admitting and defending himself after being put on hold by another "freebie" admin (he didn't have his own network at the time) due to fraud (completing the same offer more than once).

    Anyway, this is not just for YGF, but do research on any admin some of these admins will open up to you about their pasts ESPECIALLY if you're having a problem with a freebie site who put s/he on hold as well (like YGF did). But the difference between YGF and myself and hopefully anyone else is he actually frauded and for me I didn't.

    That's why people shouldn't fraud or do wrong because what's done in the light will always be brought into the light. It may take some time before you're acts are exposed, but rest assured it will be exposed. That's just karma, baby.

    FYI, hope this aids in what you or anyone decides.
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