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BOLO of Imposter Con Man

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I am not sure where this information should be posted please review and post it to alert innocent folks out there:
Ralph Innichina Sanders aka’s Sean Sanders Sean Black is an ex con and career criminal arrested by Stanford University Detective Tim Ferecceri convicted twice for thief forgery, burglary, Identity thief, battery other financial crimes. He served 15 years with California Department of Corrections at San Quentin and Cochran State Prisons. In addition he was rearrested and convicted in Sacramento Superior Court case numbers 95M07479 on June 16, 2006 for two counts of the California Penal Code Sec. PC 496(A) Possession of known stolen property over $400 and V C Section 10851, Thefts forgery, Identity Thief and unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle. Mr. Sanders and his wife Lauren are career free-loaders and scam artists. There are a trail of victims and creditors the pair has scammed and defrauded by providing false and misleading information on credit applications to obtain car loans and credit cards. Ralph Sanders targets, defrauds, con gullible women, other citizens, and businesses under false pretenses thru-out northern California. His main cities of operation are Folsom, Roseville, Sacramento, Oakland San Francisco, San Jose and other bay area cities. This imposter frequently masquerades’ as pro- NBA player for the Sacramento Kings and The Golden State Warriors or some times he claimed to be on contract with a basket ball teams in Europe and South America which is false. He usually walks from business to business asking for donations or some times pan-handle pedestrians into giving him $20.00 on behalf of trouble youths by presenting these phony business cards. The ex convict con artist driving the following vehicles: 2006 black AMG convertible Mercedes Benz License plate #5MMD568 and 2014 Silver Mercedes 550 License plate #6GJX502: while running cons on hardworking people.