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n conclusion stay away from Margin + London

The fashion event Margin + London ended this year with a mutiny against the organisers. Who felt the lack of trade interest was because the event was a scam.

The exhibitors are currently waiting to hear back from the organiser who refuses to answer any emails or discuss issues regarding refund. Most have resorted to reporting the issue to trading standards or getting together to seek consumer lawyers.

A week after the show, the organiser started to blog posts showcasing the “success” of the trade show. Raising emotions among exhibitors.

Claimed by the Margin + London team, to be an essential" launch pad" for new brands. Margin + trade show has the potential to be an exciting concept that offers new designers the opportunity to showcase their work and sell to wholesale buyers. The exhibitors feel that the organiser purposely target new brands who have no capital or legal know-how to fight for their trading rights if anything was to go wrong.

In recent years …Margin + London has seen a downfall in the number of buyers seeking new brands.This season the organisers changed location moving to the Hilton in Kensington Olympia, in the hope to attract footfall from neighboring trade show,Pure London

The exhibitors feel little effort was put into marketing. The organisers credibility is also in questions with the majority of exhibitors receiving no interaction with buyers and sales and a total of twenty buyers visiting the site in two days.

Update from Exhibitors

· The exhibitors feel they have no rights or voice. That speaking openly on social media about it is a no-go area and could damage their brand.

Tips for new Exhibitors

· Contact designers who are not showing again directly- they will give you a true insight of what the tradeshow will be like. Also search backgrounds of the stores posted by Margin+ - we did this for some in Google + and in the sea of a few real stories, they are either fake, or abbreviated (i.e lies)

· Call your potential buyers. Find out what shows they go to.

· Do your research on the organiser, we found out that Margin + London are not London based , its run by one person in the tip of the country. A trade show is only going to work if the contact is personable and respected in the industry.