Total World Peace


This MESSAGE is from GOD for ALL FAITHS.


Join with me in this prayer for so WE CAN HAVE PEACE to the Middle East. God doesn't care what Faith you are HE JUST wants US United for PEACE to the MIDDLE EAST.


We ALL know YOU ARE IN CONTROL of everything down here on Mother Earth. We know that you are loving God. PLEASE, PLEASE have MERCY on US. We KNOW THAT WE HAVEN'T DONE everything right but please GIVE US ONE MORE CHANCE as WE UNITE TOGETHER in this PRAYER.

Bring US your perfect LOVE God, bring us perfect repentance God, bring us perfect Faith God, bring us perfect Truth God, bring us perfect Wisdom God, bring us perfect Gospel of Peace God, bring us perfect righteousness God, bring us perfect Salvation God, bring us perfect POWER to pray without ceasing God and BRING US YOUR PERFECT WORD God. We ARE SORRY for breaking your divine LAWS. Forgive us and have mercy on us. Please bring the EXACT same THING to Mother Earth and ALL CREATED BEINGS. We ask MOST GRACIOUSLY in YOUR NAME.

May the GOD of this UNIVERSE Richley Bless each and everyone of US!
Douglas Bickford
Once was LOST but FOUND in God!