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    Silverstar Capital Holdings

    Beware all Silver Star Capital Holdings of Orlando is run by a menagerie of crooks. William Sears (Senior Managing Director) is a felon convicted of Securities Fraud and commercial bribery.

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    Re: Silverstar Capital Holdings

    my daughter received a check today from silver star capital holdings from a man who wanted to purchase a wedding dress from her in the amount of $300.00. the check was made out to her in the amount of $2900.00. he wanted her to cash the check and send the remaining balance to his friend in the amount of $2600.00.
    Thank you so much for your mail.I want to purchase your item for my friend as a suprise package as soon as possible before their Engagement/Wedding ceremony which is fast approaching.. She is ok with the size also read your posting and she is really happy to buy it from you .. I will be paying you through a Bank Certified check so that you can have your cash in hand before shipping the dress...I will wait for your bank to confirm and clear the check before we proceed with the shipment to my friend home address in which i will include $100 for the shipment fund via Express Mail Service{EMS OF USPS}to your asking price. I will need your full name and address with your phone number to mail the check to you as soon as possible which will get to you 3-4 days.. Kindly delete the advert of this item if my mode of payment is accepted..
    May God keep & Bless You!!!

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