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    Please keep Ethan Powell in Your Prayers


    Lady Mod posted his story several weeks ago. I've been following it and it is not a fraud, just the story of a little boy dying of cancer. His family was praying to find a bone marrow donor, but now they are praying for his life. He is not in remission anymore and will die without your prayers, and hopefully they will help.

    I've had a 4 week old in a childrens hospital and he would have died without modern medicine. These parent's whose children are dying will take the time to pray for one who will most likely be cured. Don't let them down. They are stronger than all of us put together. Please read his story and pray for him and children like him. Even if you dont' believe in God, please do what you can (become a donor) so that you can help kids in his situation.

    God Bless,

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    Re: Please keep Ethan Powell in Your Prayers

    hate it, but I've got to say...I'm a little (lot) dissapointed in you people. This child is fighting for his life and not one person on this forum has said a word. If you don't believe in God, then fine...but not one person has said they're going to try a bone marrow registry. This little guy's story has been widespread, but for his story, there are several that are not floating around the internet.

    I called the bone marrow people three times and NOBODY had called me back. Luckily (although last week there were no drives in my area) I checked this week and there is one in a week 1/2. While I'm not sure that'll I save this little one, but I feel confident in the fact that I'm at least trying and that hopefully if there's another person that can't find a donor, I might be able to help. What's a few painful days to knowing that somebody that might have been put six foot under otherwise, had a fighting chance because I was willing to sacrifice some of my time and pain level to make sure they had a fighting chance.

    Bone marrow transplants are not simple. Most people that make it had a sibbling. But for all of those who don't (there are many and people inherit half from their mother and half from their father) I would like to think that some of us got of our a$$ and tried.

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