Corporate world is full of tricky and mischievous person. Hardly there are any person who sticks to their business norms and guidelines. We meet such people almost every day. However, when it comes to unethical practices in business we think that it is the smaller companies who are rather hoax and nothing else. However, have you ever thought of a reputed brand that follows the same path of wrong ethics?

I think, no.

Most of the business owners think in the same manner, and this thinking leads them to downfall. When call centers in India and Philippines crafted the business deals with Phruit Limited, the leader in lead generation in the UK territories, those call centers just ignored to cross check the repute of the company.

It was influencers and general market fame of the company, which kept them in the dark about the company, and their practice of wrong ethics. Now the call centers are in perplexed situation as Phruit cheated them.

How Phruit Cheated Them?

As Phruit have to undergo large transactions and lead generation operation, they outsource most of their tasks to small call center in offshore destination, especially in the Asian markets. In the beginning, they have good terms with these companies and with time they show their real face.
They have denied the companies from making payments on the ground of poor quality work and absence of NDA – Non Disclosure Agreements.

It is some days back that this took place and companies have just started to take some strict action against the company. Just then, the company took a twist and revamped their unethical actions launching a brand new company, Communication Avenue Limited.

Have you heard the name of this company lately? Are you thinking to do business with them? Have you entered into a partnership with the company? This may be a bolt from the blue for some call centers as they never saw the dark face behind Communication Avenue Limited.

Yes, this company is carrying their unethical measures under a new pen name. Communication Avenue Limited has the similar address as that of Phruit Limited. It is expected that a company who once got profits following immoral paths will retain those activities under any name.

So stay safe, and if you have entered a partnership with Communication Avenue Limited make sure that they do not escape the payments. Check the agreements to reduce loopholes.