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    GreyStone Staffing?

    I recently just applied to a job posting by this company called GreyStone Staffing, and received this e-mail in return to my resume.

    To Whom It May Concern:
    You're receiving this email because you have responded to an Internet
    posting for the position of Customer Service/Entry Level Help Desk.
    you are still available for the position, please read thru this email
    carefully and respond if you'd like to be considered for this position.
    GreyStone Staffing

    Please respond back if you can answer YES to all the following. We
    then contact you and arrange an interview.

    * I am interested in working at Cablevision.
    * I have NEVER interviewed or worked for Cablevision before
    either directly or applied thru another staffing firm.
    * I have Customer Service experience and am comfortable with
    * I like doing phone Support for many different kinds of
    customers over the telephone.
    * I am available Full-Time for a Temp to Perm position.
    * I have reliable transportation to Woodbury, NY. (not near
    public transit)

    * Must be flexible with schedule.
    * I understand that the position is subject to criminal
    Background Check, Employment Verification and Drug testing.
    * I understand that the position is 13.00 while in training.
    After training, the rate goes to 13.75/hour. Upon permanent status,
    there may be another increase in salary based on experience.

    If you can Answer YES to all of the above, please email back at
    mailto:laurar@greystonestaffing.com and we will invite you to
    apply/interview for the position.

    Well I responded back, and after a day have received an e-mail back and scheduled an appointment with them. It all seems legit so far to me, and I see nothing really wrong, but I just wanted to make sure.

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    Re: GreyStone Staffing?

    I know that Greystone is a staffing company...they have one in long island, ny..and i dealt with them before...i dont see why this would be a scam

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