TRAVELLERS ADVANTAGE and Bank of America: Fleecing the Public
December of 2006 I called to close a credit card account which I had not used in several months. I was told that Travellers Advantage had charged $115 to the card.
I had no recollection of ordering or ever using their services, and said so. The customer service rep (my notes say Kantu Barr) directed me to Dispute Resolution. Debra cancelled the membership and keyed in "had no idea." She told me I had a "zero balance." The transaction ID was WT31057125.
A month later I receive a bill from the card carrier (Bank of America, which had recently taken over the account from MBNA, but that was not the reason I closed the account.) There was still $15 outstanding.
I called AGAIN, and Davarrus explained that Travellers Advantage had only made a partial refund. Transferred to Billing (more Bank of America musak on hold). Rebeccah or Martine said she would zero out the balance.
I'm still receiving bills. Today I called BoA again, 800-563-7602. (BoA, as in constrictor?) Holden said flatly, "We can't help you.", and his supervisor, Brittney said, "You'll just have to pay it. If you don't, the bill will go to collections. I can't understand what the problem is paying $16.23." I got mad, and she told me that Travellers Advantage is part of BoA, and that they have my signature. I said, "Show me."
She got Rachel of Travellers Advantage on the line and promptly clicked off. Rachel told me that I'd signed up in 2004 and been a member ever since. I remember signing up for their free 30 day trial in 2004, and cancelling immediately upon receiving their information packet. Never cashed any of their free checks, or used their services in any way that I can recall. I look at all of my credit card statements and have never seen any charges for Travellers Advantage since 2004, until November, 2006 (after BoA took over the credit card.)
Rachel said I'd just have to pay it. I said OK, but Travellers Advantage and Bank of America are going to be on the internet and whatever they think to gain by their tactics today, they are going to lose 100 times over. She said they would refund the $15.
Sure feels like slimey organized crime to me.
How many senior citizens are being victimized by this BoA covert operation?
Guess what I expect to see in my mailbox next month? $16.23, plus late fees.
There's a similar, but less well-known operation going on up here in Canada, called Express Transaction Services Inc. They ship you office supplies that you didn't order, then threaten to sue you and ruin your credit if you don't pay their outrageous invoices. The RCMP, Phone Busters, know all about them, and told us to just ignore the invoices. The Montreal BBB gets complaints all the time about them, but ETS Inc. just keep on fleecing the public. They are still calling our 16 year old son who confirmed our address when they called.
So, is my credit card really a convenience to me...?