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    I got a cheque! I believe it is a scam!


    Let me begins how could I get this cheque. I was looking online for some part time job so I can afford my montly expenses while studying. I went through several websites for student part time jobs. In my mind I think, this must not be a problem at all. Because in my country, a website for looking a job has not contains scam.

    Then when I was looking around, I found this job which looks easy for me as a student. Said that I just have to process payments from customer. I thought it includes using Paypal or something.. I sent an email, and they replied. They asked for my name, address and mobile number. I gave it. Then that was the time I realised to check their company profile in the internet. After 20 minutes looking for their webiste, I fed up. I realised I may be put myself in dangerous scam. They might be able to use my information or something.

    Since then, I have never replied their email. Most of the emails I received are about "you will received payments from customers soon. immediately come back to us for the next thing you have to do". But I have never received anything until today. It is a 5000 cheque (natwest bank) and it comes from a solicitor firm. The bank branch is exist, so is the solicitor firm. But I dont really know what to do. What if the cheque is not real? What if I get arrested when I am trying to clear the cheque? I wont do anything which will harm myself as an international student.

    I wonder what kind of bussiness are they running? Why do they need another person, out of their bussiness to clear this cheque for them? I understand international cheque may be take a lil bit longer to clear it, but it is part of the business. There are many choices to make payments. Wire transfer is one of it. It just doesnt make any sense. Let say the business is exist, what if I run off with the cheque for myself? It is a high risk.

    Did I tell you that I will get 500 for my commision, and 200 cost for using the western union. So it means I need to give them back at 4300. 500 for a student like me, is a big amount of money, really. But like I said, it doesnt make any sense. I decided to keep the cheque as souvenir :D , but will never do anything about it.

    What do you think?

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    Re: I got a cheque! I believe it is a scam!

    Throw it away. The check is fake.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: I got a cheque! I believe it is a scam!

    If you deposit the check, the bank might honor it. But later the bank will haunt you because the check is fake. This was already feature in Judge Judy's program.

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    Re: I got a cheque! I believe it is a scam!

    The check is fake. Apply for some online English teaching jobs, you may get hired.

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    Re: I got a cheque! I believe it is a scam!

    Run............ Another Scam...........

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    Re: I got a cheque! I believe it is a scam!

    scam beware!

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