Received an email yesterday saying that I would receive a bank check for $10,120 on Tuesday ( 5/8/07) but I would receive an email on Monday (5/7/07) telling where to send balance after I deduct my 10%. Then today I received one from James telling me I will receive said bank check tomorrow from UPS. Please take check to bank right away and cash and he also sent a detail as to who I was to wire the money to. LOL I just got thru sending American Express 4 forged gift cheques. They were for $500 each. My friend said she wanted to get in on working from home and I told her it was a scam. She didn't believe me until I called American Express and proved that the checks were a forgery. She gets offers like this all the time also that she won the lottery or some person died and left her all this money. Well really just wanted to let everyone know that good old James is still at it. This time is going by the name James Bryant and has some friends (maybe) by the names of Mark Johnson, John Clinton, John Obi, Kingsley Cole and Mark Mowen. John Obi also tries to run a lottery scam. He is the one sending emails to my friend.