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    Youvela Molnar and Marsha Clark Elliot Financial Scam

    After working with a mortgage broker, Youvela Molnar, and her processor, Marsha Clark, of Elliot Financial in Boca Raton, FL,...I would not do business with this group ever! Youvela had promised me mortgage interest rates and terms and had me sign documentation for the loan. After working with her and her coworker Marsha Clark, who also worked on the loan, in my conversations with Youvela, Youvela promised me repetitively a certain type of mortgage. At the closing table, my loan amount, rates, and most information was significantly off. And, she must have signed paperwork in my name as I had paperwork sitting in front of me at the "closing" with my signature, however, I did not sign these loan applications, GFE, and the TIL. The difference was over $200,000 and my name was signed for me. I have closed well over 50 mortgages and I never received such bad and misleading service ever and I am more than happy to talk to anyone about my situation.

    Beware of doing business with these individuals!

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    Re: Youvela Molnar and Marsha Clark Elliot Financial Scam

    Have you sought out an attorney?

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