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    Experienced Agents Please Respond...

    I would like to hear from experienced and successful agents regarding being an insurance agent. I am not looking for specific company info., just general advice and information from veteran agents. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    Re: Experienced Agents Please Respond...

    Long hours, lots of phone calls, lots of prospecting, lots of rah rah sessions and bs, learning to manage your time and motivate yourself, learning how to manage a business, etc.

    It is not for everyone. The turnover is high but the ones that make it can earn a pretty healthy income.

    I got shaken out when the "DO NOT CALL LIST" came out in the middle of my third year. My book of business was not big enough to market out of and my purchased leads became a trickle. Cold callingout of the phonebook was no longer an option because they were not scrubbed from the DNC lists.

    So, I closed shop.

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