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    Apex Mortgage Scam

    Apex Mortgage forged my signature on these documents and withheld them from me at the closing and now I am stuck with a mortgage I do not want with fees I did not approve of and a loan that grows in amount!!!!

    1. Universal Loan Application
    2. Prepayment Penalty Addendum to Note
    3. Adjustable Rate Rider
    4. Prepayment Penalty Rider
    5. Settlement Statement
    6. Payment Options Letter and Coupon
    7. Commitment to Insure Title
    8. Fee Information
    9. Adjustable Rate Loan Program Disclosure
    10. Instructions to Escrow
    11. Addendum to Instructions to Escrow
    12. Amortization Schedule
    :mad: :eek: :mad:

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    Re: Apex Mortgage Scam

    Are you getting a lawyer?

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    Re: Apex Mortgage Scam

    Are you saying that the closer allowed a loan officer to forge your closing documents?

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    Re: Apex Mortgage Scam

    is this the Apex Mortgage out of Plano, Tx?

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