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    Marriott Financial Services

    I received a letter from Marriott Financial Services stating that I won $250,000. There is a check enclosed for $2,982 to cover administrative payment and clearance fees. There is an address and phone number on the letter along with a claim number. I know this is a scam, but I wanted to call the number anyway. When I did, the recording did not state the company name or list any extensions. Also the envelope it came in did not have a return address, but was post marked in Canada. The company address according to the letter is in CT. and the company address acording to the check is in TN. (That is if this company really exists)
    The signature on the letter and on the check (different people) looks like it is a carbon copy. Has anyone else received this letter and check? If so, what is it? I wonder what would happen if someone cashed this check.

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    Re: Marriott Financial Services

    Ive NOT heard of any contests like that + Im STILL working for em in Nashville Airport - cuz 2 hyips quit paying me :(

    + call their home office

    Corporate Headquarters
    Marriott International
    Marriott Drive
    Washington, D.C. 20058
    Phone: 301.380.3000

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    Re: Marriott Financial Services

    Advanced payment scam.

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