I am a principal of a Publicly traded company. I have recently received this email and will be considering using this company to increase the awareness of my publicly traded company.

Has anyone used this company for consulting?

Dear Sirs,

I am writing you to introduce our services and show you the value that we can bring to your publicly traded company. Epiphany Trading, LLC is a privately held trading firm that has many areas of expertise, including capital market consulting, which brings shareholder value to your investors.

We feel that there are a lot of undercapitalized companies that are missing only a few ingredients to growth. We often come across companies that have excellent business models, products, marketing etc. Through our due diligence, we often find that management's expertise is so focused in the area of their business that they value the guidance of capital market professionals.

We have had tremendous success with representing companies like yours. We feel that there are often only a few elements that small-cap companies are missing. We provide companies with the proper exposure to the right audiences. We have a vast network of financial professionals who cover every area of the equity markets. Our management has many very close relationships with professional traders, investors, hedge funds, market makers, investment bankers, venture capitalist, brokers and media.

Our services include capital introduction, market maker participation, public awareness, public relations, investor relations, and investor awareness.

Our goal is to leverage our relationships and resources to increase the value of your company and interest in your publicly traded shares. Please contact me with any questions that you may have on how we can help grow your company.


Brendan P. Byrne, President

Epiphany Trading, LLC