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    Has anyone been scammed by this company before?

    Hi, My name is amanda. And I recently paid for the "typing 4 dollars" data entry stuff. Well, come to find out, it's all a scam. And I know it's a scam. I didn't get what they promised, and hence, this IS the first time that I've ever purchased anything like that online. But anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else was scammed like I was?? Thank you all for your time. :p

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    Re: Has anyone been scammed by this company before?

    Many people are scammed, they change their name very often

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    Re: Has anyone been scammed by this company before?

    Well, from the reviews I have read in other places, they all say that they can't get in touch with anyone or anything like that. And they're having trouble getting their money back and all that. I figured out a way to do it. I got my refund. And the guy behind this scam is named Gavin Stone....can't stand that name now...I learned my lesson. But thank you for your time. I just wanna help others out who have been scammed by him and tell them all how to get their money back from him. ugh!!

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    Re: Has anyone been scammed by this company before?

    I bought it and saw what a bunch of BS it was and I GOT MY MONEY BACK! You have to catch their online help chat on the website they send you to and tell some one you want your money back asap. Also make sure to tell them that the number they provide doesn't work (unless they fixed that recently but I doubt it) Just insist that you want your money back and bug until you get it back.
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    Why should you look there? Because it's not a get rich scam.
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    Re: Has anyone been scammed by this company before?

    If that doesn't work go to your payment processor. So if you purchased through Clickbank go directly through them to get your refund. They are really good about it.

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    Re: Has anyone been scammed by this company before?

    Thanks for the tips! I did get my money back. lol, I'm just looking to help ppl who haven't been able to get theirs back. There's another forum that I've read that has Gavin Stone and the Typing 4 Dollars scam on there, and I was amazed at how they were saying that they couldn't get their money back. So, all I did when I bought the thing, was everything they told me to, then I never made any money at all, not a dime. So I emailed that Zoofer thing, and they sent me my money. So that's how I did it. I just wanted to help others who haven't gotten their money back. So yeah, it's a MAJOR scam. Just wanted to put that out there for ppl who aren't aware of it yet.

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