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    is this a scammer

    I received your response and I agreed with the condition of the item available with you, I want to know the total price so that i can made available the payment to you immediately. though i will not be available to come see the item but i will make sure the cheque is been sent to you once i have the mailing address where i will be sending the payment.
    My option of making payment to you will be only by certified check in dollars, because that is the only convenient means for me. Concerning the shipment,my shipper will be at your place for the pick up after you receive the payment and when it clears .
    I would have been present to see the item for myself but i dont have the chance cause i am handling some important issues at present, I will add their shipping charges to the payment i will send to you due to their policy, so when you get payment you just deduct your charges with $50 of run around and send the rest to my shipper via Western union money Transfer inorder for them to come for the pick up from your location.
    Ensure you forward all the needful information that we enable me get the payment to you immediately.
    Your Full Name to be on Control
    your Full Address of contact,
    your Postal Code
    your Number of Mobile and Ground
    Thanks and reply.
    Sincerely yours,

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    Re: is this a scammer

    I don't like it when I receive a message saying stuff like "send the rest of the money to my shipper through Western Union"
    There must be something strange going on there, perhaps like trying to get money out of the country or to someone they shouldn't be and using you as a middle man.

    I think if you want to accept the money, accept it with the condition that the cheque has to clear and funds be withdrawable from your bank and that you will not be sending any money anywhere by any means to anybody after the transaction is completed.

    It just doesn't add up, why cant he just send the right amount of money???

    I would play it absolutely safe if I were you and if he "gets insulted" just leave it, because that means he's guilty, if he isn't guilty, then he'd understand you don't know him and that it's not safe to just make random transactions.

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    Re: is this a scammer

    Anything with Western Union seems fishy

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    Re: is this a scammer

    No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This is a scam, no doubt. Reply to them and tell them "Who are you kidding?". These are smart asses and if you are weak enough you will be scammed big time.

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    Re: is this a scammer

    SCAM!!! DO NOT REPLY. There are many of these going around. It is classic Nigerian (although some of European/Ukrainian too).
    Send them NOTHING. You will be out money AND the shipping because the check will be counterfit and the shipping account stolen - making you liable for shipping.

    I am a large seller on Ebay (under another name) and well aware of these scams - on or off Ebay.

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    Re: is this a scammer


    Thanks for posting on scam.com. You seem like a very nice person. I would love to work with you. All i need is your full name/social security number/birthdate/a copy of your drivers liscense/credit card numbers/ and bank account number, please also include routing numbers. I will not share your info with anyone else.....I promise :)
    I hope you write back soon

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