Hello Everyone,

I joined this program off of a referral that had already received a check from them about a month ago and I recieved this message today. Since then I have spoken with the referral and she had continued to received a check. I have been unable to get a response yet from her about this e-mail but wanted to get you guy/gals input.


from Craig Isler, Managing Director of the NEW CLEAR CHOICE!!!!!!!!
(the FASTEST growing opportunity with the BEST product in history)!

Dear Wealth Builder:

You forwarded your enrollment Form into the Clear Choice opportunity previous to today’s date. As you are more than likely aware Clear Choice has experienced growth in North America and Europe at unprecedented rates. We never expected growth of this magnitude. A GREAT CHALLENGE, indeed!

As a result of this growth certain modifications to the program have become absolutely necessary, primarily because of our accelerated and large PAY-OUT!
You faxed us a check for which we have NOT deposited or processed. If you want to remain part of the Clear Choice opportunity it is necessary you replace your original check in the same amount with a MONEY ORDER (or MONEY ORDERS) totaling the amount of your original check. Your first pay-day with Clear Choice will occur within 2-3 weeks from the date we receive your payment at our North American corporate offices. We cannot accept Checks by Fax; we cannot accept Cashiers Checks; we CANNOT accept any Money Orders issued from ANY BANKS or Credit Unions. We will accept ONLY MONEY ORDER(S) FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE, and we MUST receive this Money Order (or Money Orders), with YOUR NAME, Tel #, Email Address (if applicable), your Fax # written on a sepate sheet of paper within 3 business days from the date you receive this Email or fax notification, otherwise we will have to remove you from the Matrix pay System and its chronological order of payment to you in this reorganization process. When we receive this from you by Overnight Courier, we will acknowledge receipt of via Email or Fax #. WE ARE STAFFED UP NOW AND READY TO HANDLE THOUSANDS OF APPLICATIONS!

Please do the following,
Email back this notice to us at [email protected] with the appropriate indication made that you desire to remain in the Clear Choice program and that your Money order will be sent by OVERNIGHT COURIER ONLY (i.e. Fed Ex) to our address indicated herein. If you do NOT wish to remain in the program, please email us that information also and we will “replace” your original positioning in the fast-paced Matrix Pay System. If we receive positive feedback from you to KEEP YOU IN THIS SYTEM, WE WILL EMAIL YOU BACK WITH A HAPPY FACE NOTED ON THE EMAIL.

Remember, we accept ONLY a MONEY ORDER (or MONEY ORDERS) from ANY source other than a bank or credit union. We do NOT accept Cashiers Checks, Checks by Fax, Checks by mail or cash!

This is the NEW CLEAR CHOICE with a brand new BOARD, managed by myself, overseeing this NEW CLEAR CHOICE VISION!

We appreciate YOU!

Craig Isler
Managing Director/
4610 S. Ulster St. Suite 150Denver, Colorado 80237