My wife got the same type of offer and wants to believe that it's legitimate. So I told her I'd check into it. The position is Escrow Officer... Yeah, sounds important

First, nobody has called her and talked to her, BUT want to offer her $4500/mo.

Second, the email domain is Really!? Domain names with like 50 addresses are a dime a dozen...
Wouldn't you at least buy ", .net, .something!? (Not that I'm here to educate these low lives)

Third, they sent a contract for her that is supposed to be legally binding, but my 12 year old step-daughter
could have done a hell of a better job with grammatical errors (and I am by NO MEANS a English professor)

Fourth, they sent an FAQ with the pretense of "if you have any questions, you can Email us @" . WTF? Why
can't I call and talk to someone? Thank you for calling Inchcape, for English press 1... WTH not if 1 in
America is SPANISH?! Besides, the position they are canvassing for is supposed to require an American!

Fifth, as if this isn't enough red flags, they need her to take checks from them, deposit them into her
PERSONAL account: check cashing scam, isn't there a name for this? Is it the same thing in the movie with
Leonardo DeCaprio? True story, by the way.

I tried to connect on LinkedIn to talk with people about it, but don't have a premium account.
Just looking for other things that will educate us to these types of scams in the future. I realize its too good to be true. And that is usually the first rule of determining a scam. So I am posting the FAQ and contract for educational purposes only. Any and all comments are welcome.

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