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    " www.paying2surf.com" is this spam ???

    hey guys,

    recently i found this site www.paying2surf.com which assures you can earn upto 1lac by just surfying net through there toolbar.
    and they have provided there address and phone numbers and are located in charni road,mumbai.

    if anyone knows about this please let me know since they charge you 1000rs first to be member and 1000rs in next 3mnths.

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    Re: " www.paying2surf.com" is this spam ???

    I am Shirish from Nagpur. I saw a newspaper ad. in Mumbai column of a local newspaper Deshonnati. The ad said: Earn more than 1 lakh per month just by surfing on the net. WEbsite: www.paying2surf.com. It gave contact mobile numbers.

    The site directs you to sign up which is free. The one-time (for whole life) charges for being a member are Rs.2000 payable in two installments. Full support is assured. Once you sign up they give you a phone call asking your permission to send a CD by VPP to start the business. So far the opportunity seems excellent.

    After 2-3 days, you get the CD on payment of Rs.1000 to the courier boy. I found that the CD is packed up with many pdf documents, zipped folders and some Word files. The CD did not have free space in it. Probably due to that, no file was getting opened. I communicated this to their Mumbai office. They sent me 4/5 files on my email ID. I also requested them to send another "working" CD, which they have not done so far.

    With great difficulty, few pdf and other docs were opened but they were on subjects like 'hypnotism,' marketing skills etc. One pdf file gave details of a website "agloco.com" which is a paid site. But the "tool bar" which they are going to use is yet to be launched.

    I am now at a loss to understand what next? How should I earn? Have I been befooled? Perhaps time has the answer. If anybody can share more truth about this it would be highly appreciated. My email ID is [email protected].

    Thanks! -Shirish

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    Re: " www.paying2surf.com" is this spam ???

    Sorry, but I think you got befooled. Why would a company that sells a software product send you a CD (and make you pay for it!) instead of letting you download it?

    Those "proof of payment checks"? Fake. According to the DNS registration, that website was registered in February 2007, and the checks are dated 2005 and 2006. If the toolbar isn't even available yet, it's impossible for someone to have earned $4000 by using it two years ago.

    (Take a good look at the upper left corners of the checks. Seriously, is that the Hewlett Packard logo? I don't think they'll be happy when they see that their company is being implicated in a scam.)

    EDIT: See comments on http://blog.agloco.com/index.php/post60/. Apparently this is some jerk trying to make an extra profit promoting a doomed MLM scheme.
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    Re: " www.paying2surf.com" is this spam ???

    Seems to be another scam. You should never have to pay to get a job, it is available free

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