Tonight I received an email from these people:

From: Armand Morin
RE: Rick Raddatz Launches New Marketing Service

I know absolutely nothing about these people other than what was in the email they sent me. From what I can understand (Rick Raddatz) is launching a brand new internet marketing service. (below are his past marketing services)

And on May 1st Rick is planning a nationwide webcam cast to promote his newest idea. Has anybody heard of Rick Raddatz? And is he someone I can trust? Or just another scammer?? If anyone has information about these 2 people (Rick Raddatz and Armand Morin) please let me know before I make a decision to join (or not to join) in their latest marketing services. Thank you.

Here's Rick's marketing service history. This information was included in the email they sent me:

* In 2003, (First Small Biz Audio Service)
* In 2004, (First Small Biz Video Service)
* In 2006, (Another First)