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    DRGV Dragon Capital

    Looks like I answered my own question today. This stock Sucks beware do not buy it. The Boca Raton office no longer answers... the calls are being forwarded to some guys cell phone in Mahattan. Their profit numbers are all BullSh*t. They claim the company is worth 2X the value of the stock equity. Tis is a joke. Scratch this stock its just a Chinese Scam. The one time I did manage to contact the CEO he was crunching chips, while blaring music in the background. Pretty Freaky. Investors ripped off of 95% of their money since the .25 high.

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    Re: DRGV Dragon Capital

    When you are dealing with penny stocks, you often dealing with fraud. What normal company in good financial standing will keep trading on such lows?

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