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    How stupid can you be?

    I posted a thread yesterday about stoping trhowing meat to the F........ sharks,not even a 100 people as take the time to read it,and what,there is still some people asking about where they can find online opportunities,

    Well for those who did'nt read it and still asking that question I have one thing to say to you: GET SCAMMED YOU F..... DUMB A...,and when you do maybe you'll read the thread STOP TROWING MEAT AT THE F....... SHARKS,till then hope you loose money...
    Jesus f....... chr...... I am very disapointed and pissed :mad: right now youre not getting it,so anyway go out and get scammed,like I said you have to learn the hard way..........

    Good day..... :mad:

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    Re: How stupid can you be?

    amen amen amen

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    Re: How stupid can you be?

    Whew - tell us how you really feel...

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    Re: How stupid can you be?

    Hi all

    Since comming to the scam.com site i have started to realise that a lot of these "How can i make quick money by the internet etc" are just fishing leads for people to scam others, how do i deduce this you ask they are always new members join March April and follow up a couple of posts later with some ridiculous money making scheme there sign in names and signature may be different but they are always junior members with corrosponding join dates fishing to scam people.

    My opion and i stand by it.

    However I value and follow the general advice
    (members and mods have helped me get my money back) but follow no leads from scam.com im sure there are genuine ones here but to many fishing leads as well are on this site.
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