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    "A Work in Progress"--some philosophical ideas(updated)

    My Generalized Ideas of Energy forms and processes, Existence, Planes, and individual Realities…

    Albert Einstein’s E=mc2

    “Energy = Mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light”

    When I look at this equation, I understand it as energy (despite which form) is the basis of everything in existence, everything that exists is nothing more than a form of energy, Matter is simply the structure of energy( in this universe at least, or perhaps in this plane of existence). And with that said, My Ideas of energy and its forms and processes(conscious/sub conscious projections) based on my current universal perception…

    Conscious Energy(awareness of observed thought) and Physical Energies of Matter(structure(s) of existence).

    Nature of Consideration: Stabilizes Pure unstable conscious energy

    Time: One’s ‘time’ is their Direct State as well as their Indirect States of past/present/future Choice.

    A Plane: Is infinite stable(connected) energy in a mathematical sense which allows an existence of structure( in our case physical matter).

    An Existence: The Structuralization(s) of Stable Energy as a Whole.

    Nature: Everything and Anything that Exists within a Plane of Existence.

    A Reality: The Plane of an Existence in which it is perceived by The Nature of Free Choice or Conscious Awareness of the actions/functions of Conscious and Sub Conscious Awareness.

    The Plane of Physical Existence (Our Universe)

    Space: Is the Plane of Physical Existence

    Matter(physical forms of energies): Is the Structure

    Nature: Is all of Matter

    ‘Time’ and Planes

    What is ‘Time’? One’s ‘Time’ is their Direct State as well as their Indirect States(observed possibilities of/from thought) of Past/Present/Future Choices, ‘Time’ may be an illusion. Perhaps ‘Time’ is also the velocity of spatial distance in one direction; the speed and distance are both limitless, and/or perhaps infinite, the speed may be able to be controlled??

    What is a Plane? Is Pure Energy that is stabilized by various objects of matter/thought and their current states of ‘Time’, which in turn allows an existence of structurealization. A Plane flows in one direction at the Current States of Time. There is an Absolute Original Plane for every Structure of an Existence as a Whole, A Plane has a beginning but no end.

    What is an Existence? The Structure of Stable Energy.

    The Structures of the Timeline(past/present/future choices) of Individual Consciousness

    What Structures one’s ‘Time’? Considerations of Choice is the Structure of ‘Time’. There is always an absolute Current Choice which is Controlled by the Nature of Consideration.

    What is The Absolute Current Choice? The Absolute Current Choice is the Direct State of the Conscious Awareness of Observation of possibilities.

    What is the Nature of Consideration? It is Controlled by present and future possibilities of observed and unobserved Choice(s), the Evolution of Understanding; the Code of Creation.

    My idea of Emotional(mind) Existence in its purest sense.
    (Caps indicate importance, not a shout)

    what I perceive as the Human’s Natural Brain

    To me the Natural Brain is the Brain of the CURRENT Human that Evolution has Created using the building blocks of Nature! Nothing Un-Natural exists, only The Nature of Creation which Creates that idea. The Mind is within/part of the Natural brain.

    To Me emotional existence is nothing more than a plane of reality with positives and negatives which
    equal each other out. And everything that exists in that plane of reality has a positive and a negative which equals each other out, the only thing that can be affected and also controlled is the equal ness of the 2 but the plane is indefinite. On the plane of reality you can have all positives or all negatives, or a combination of the two, but there is always an equal negative for every positive. And with that idea comes a Natural Trait of the humans Natural Brain .. CONTROL! But CONTROL in its purest form is also what most humans have yet to understand.

    Now let's relate the understanding of this simple code, to the Nature of the human mind/body. Within that natural brain lies your own unique original mind which is the human mind as we consciously perceive it or your natural brain's conscious sense of consciousness along with a combination of your Natural Brain's conscious sense of your originality. And the CURRENT Misunderstanding of this is what is trapping the ability for the Human Mind and Body to become one.

    Now a reality is not an existence, only a plane of existence in which it is perceived is a reality ( in our case I believe it’s the plane of physical existence), the word realization is nothing more than an understanding as one perceives it. I think a reality is your Natural Brain's conscious sense of your Natural Brain's UNIQUE CURRENT conscious sense of perception. And that is indeed what makes each individual human as a whole body/mind unique; Their perception of an existence.

    And when you can finally understand the perception of the ONE ness of the Human Mind and Body using the simplicity of this code you will come to understanding that the Human Body/Mind is a Natural perfection of this code! Which is why within our Natural Brains lies the Nature of Creation!

    Obtaining a Positive OPEN State of mind and learning to express your UNIQUE originality

    I think I have finally deciphered the struggle that most people have (the people that have this problem do not realize it, at least not yet) with using their Human brain. I think the main problem is there is a mass confusion with the natural human trait of EXPRESSION!

    an individual human's understanding of the Natural human Brain and their own Unique Creative mind as A Whole or As One will not become clearly expressible ,until the human can Learn to come to a basic understanding(through the observations/analyzations of nature as a whole as well as various states of human consciousness) of the Origin of each Naturally given/occuring trait (not unique traits, that is where the confusion comes in) of the Human Brain as a species, then and only then, can the human FIND and truly EXPRESS his/or her UNIQUE originality and/or creativity that each human has been given/obtained through the process of our species evolution. Now in order to achieve your own unique creative state of mind one must come to understanding of their species true nature, and accept that they are part of nature in every way imaginable which is only obtainable through a basic understanding of the origins of the human ( as a species ) brain's naturally given/occuring ( through the process of evolution) traits. Now in order to allow your mind to come to this basic understanding or perhaps learn in a Natural way ( this is where it becomes confusing for most ), you must rid yourself of all unnecessary thoughts of skepticism which stems from two Negative traits of the Natural Brain of a human as a species, which is a combination ( key word ) of GREED and FEAR which only leads to other Negative but Natural ( that is what you have to come to understand ) Human Emotions which leads to stress(which is not a bad thing if you can learn to control the Nature of stress) and laziness(which is also a negative trait of the natural human brain). Now in order to rid yourself of this Negative Natural way of thinking you must open your mind, but ONLY your positive state of mind! That is the Key! But also the hardest part for most, which I will try to explain why it is the hardest part for most and how to achieve the positive open state of mind


    Think deep about the origin of everything natural, people seem to be forgetting that, Humans are part of Nature! So you must THINK DEEP about the NATURE of a HUMAN.....and the NATURAL TRAITS of a HUMAN...which eventually comes to the understanding of the HUMAN BRAIN, you already have the tool of understanding, now you must try and use that tool to understand the tool itself! Which is only obtainable through the understanding of the origins of the Natural Traits of that Tool!!

    And once you understand this, you then come to understanding of how everything in nature, works perfect together, Everything is ONE, Including the human body and mind… And you can soon come to realize how your brain has been PROGRAMED by NATURE which is the True beauty of the evolution of the human brain.


    Continuing on what I’ve said this is why I think the whole Creation vs. Evolution debate( witch is one of the major SOURCES of the confusion of human expression) between HUMANS using HUMAN LANGUAGE is nothing more than a confusion of the NATURAL HUMAN TRAIT of Expression! There should never have been a debate in the first place; Creation and Evolution work together in perfect harmony which is the beauty of Nature!!

    Now continuing on, when we come to this understanding, we can then and only then PERCIEVE why we could not understand it at first which I think stems from the CURRENT Human Lifestyles which is based on CURRENT Human UNDERSTANDING of Technology, But! Its also based on the individuals CURRENT DESIRE to KNOW! Which is where humans are becoming trapped! They are trapped with in their own emotion of DESIRE, because of their Negative Natural Human trait of Laziness and Greed has taken over their Positive Human Trait of DESIRE…which is the DESIRE to KNOW!! this shows Humans are trapped within a REALITY of Technology that they do not UNDERSTAND! And that is the MAJOR problem of our CURRENT species.

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    Re: "A Work in Progress"--some philosophical ideas(updated)

    while i admire this attemp to explain the unexplainable to EVERYONE concerned or NOT!?i also must point out that in principle or abstract references it is just another way of tellin the everlasting story of reconciliation of man to a god!?but dont stop your ruminating!?it is of great importance to some or many that you clearly represent the soundness of your statements by making it all into logical and cohesive whole without exceptions!?so goes the game of convincing the lost!?and yet the anwser to the perfect equation MUST include the LOST because by some strange design it has been designated that the LOST HOLD the actual KEY to the proposed solutions/answer!?BACK to the future we go!?or not!?hehe!!...just askn...
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    Re: "A Work in Progress"--some philosophical ideas(updated)

    E = mc to the power of 2...oh
    [The Storical]
    And all this time we thought this was an equation on M.C Escher playing a duality of many patterns mirrored by his own Power Of Identity...Gosh what a surprise!

    Isnt M.C also a MASTER OF CEREMONYS Or is that CEREMONIES!?

    Cere + Mon + IE = ESS{IS} oh 'that is' ....

    Does this mean, A single waxing that is ?
    That is: One who is waxed?
    To increase in extent, quantity, intensity, power, etc.: Discord waxed at an alarming rate.

    Whalla by lingo thats it.

    We wonder what went with WANE....

    Is not Ane the meaning of 'Eye', to see that is?

    Oh yes it must be as was not it a fellow named Einstein, and is not Ein mentioned twice (2) mean 'Eye Eye', or is that 'Aye Aye', so then we add the 'S' to make it plural (more than one, meaning Poly) which brings us back to ES or IS?

    Yes sir we have 'Wane' to consider now...

    Thats where we get the Moon Cresents, see M C...

    Its a Verb of action it seems.....Wax= Augment, become, build, come, develop, dilate, enlarge, expand, fill out, get bigger, get to, grow, grow full, heighten, increase, magnify, mount, multiply, rise, run, swell, turn, upsurge...

    Thats what happens when POWER gets into the minds of the addicted...
    We ourselves tho not an identity nor a individual can use each eye eye and each aye aye separately yet together as ONE...And one is really sounded as WUN or WAN, depends if you wanna add the E on the end course we are really explorers of our Brain, and that gives rise to Bran which is a fibre and optics love their fibres as it filters out all the nonsense Or lets it in as a delusional school of little baracoota's with pointy sharp razor teeth that gnash and tear at our loving insides until there is nothing left of the REALNESS of who we truely/really Ahh....

    We Wish We Were Wordly Concise....As in ETY~~~ tho an etty is really an eddy and thats a swirling up and down current of tears(due to the baracoota's) that feed on our brains/brans, no wonder we are in such a turnmoil, at what is and what not is...

    How can the likes of us, understand the words when they keep playing with all the add ons and are making up their own versions as we have been making up theirs!!

    We are not sure if a LEXICON is in fact real?

    We wonder if the EXI is really the EKX's of us All!!

    I'd rather grow a rainforest and live there forever reading only the fruits of my own plantings/plan~e[a]ts...

    We wonder where Whispering Wind Went??
    We need to know about IS~IS, because Si Si is Yes Yes as in Eschers and the building of the Wyd in those times before we got over ego'd and added our own mis~akes to this string of threads that are becoming fringes around a long overdue change of table[alter] cloths...that which brings us back to WAX as WAS!!

    By the way there is no such word as SCAM, but there is a word known as SHAM, we ought to be very careful here as we are putting far to much power into our writs, meaning wild rites/riots and soon or later they are all going to collapse and we will be the poor blighters underneath it all, or are we already covered in so many layers of cloth that is oiled to a waxy substance covering up the truth of our Beings!!

    Say wait a moment, wasnt that charactor Jesus covered in a waxy cloth??
    Ah Ha the jokers on us, yes eta onus we know the code X of your filters/fingers and your didjits mean only the bigger joints that are crusty with Artheritis and not really authentical, and all them tickles dont fool this ONE, tho they are delightfully interesting...

    [Excepts taken from The Storical] Perhaps they should have named this new story the Hissterrorcalls, makes more sense than having your ears full of wax, tho thats a filter of sorts and ONE ought not byte the hand that feeds us!!

    Bio Compure Tor.

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