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    PowerProfit247 - Any information?

    I've received several emails promoting this program:


    It seems to be something similar to 6x6 million. What do you know about it?

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    Re: PowerProfit247 - Any information?

    WhoIs info shows;
    Melvin Bradley
    133 McKinnie Ave.
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806
    United States

    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: POWERPROFIT247.COM
    Created on: 08-Feb-06
    Expires on: 08-Feb-08
    Last Updated on: 09-Feb-07

    Administrative Contact:
    bradley, melvin melvin41bet @ yahoo.com (edited, remove spaces)
    6008 Moeller Rd. Lot 194
    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46806
    United States
    (260) 493-7065
    Website was registered two months ago for two years, contact e-mail is a free yahoo account, and per AnyWho.com (AT&T) reverse phone look-up;
    Reason: No listings were found.
    We searched on 4937065 in 260 however; we could not find any listings to display.
    Looks to be an unlisted number.
    A reverse address look-up with Whitepages.com
    Bradley, Melvin
    133 McKinnie Ave
    Fort Wayne, IN 46806-4684
    (260) 456-5210
    and the admin contact info shows;
    100 Results matching "6008 Moeller Rd, Fort Wayne, IN"
    None of them are a Melvin Bradley
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    rightinfo Guest

    Re: PowerProfit247 - Any information?

    I have never tried this kinda offer like powerprofit247 and I don't believe also. These all look like scams

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    Re: PowerProfit247 - Any information?

    nomaxim, thanks for the information. I guess this is just another one... I think it will never end, unless some of them do really go to jail and this is published all over the Internet.

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