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    Northpoint Lending Services........

    These people are huge CON ARTISTS..............their website is www.northpointlending.net. DO NOT FALL victim for these advanced fee loan scammers. I have and now I am out 2400.00 and I have risked my identity.

    They are working out of Montana BUT are really dealing with Canada which is making this a very hard issue, especially when it comes to getting your money back.

    IF ANYONE has dealt with them or is DEALING WITH them PLEASE contact me.

    SPREAD word around that this company is a SCAM, they have been told to stop doing business!!!!

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    Re: Northpoint Lending Services........

    I was just scammed by this company on may 5th 2007 for 1468.00... it was all the money I had. I may loose my home because of this I can kick myself in the head several times but it wont change what happened. The man I dealth with called himself Kevin Wilson..... The whole thing was a scam, I even gave him a chance to hang up when I questioned whether or not it was a scam.... he said they had been in business for 10 years. I have contacted every agency I can and I will not take this lying down. I hope they rot in prison. Darlene

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