ADVANCED fee loans SCAM located or supposedly located in Montana really operating in Canada. I have fallen victim to this scam as if my eyes were closed, a stupid mistake on my part. This company CLAIMS to get you a loan as long as you put forward an upfront fee up to 10,000. I only put up to 2400.00 but I will never see that money again. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THIS INFORMATION BE spread out EVERYWHERE and that as many people know. THEY ARE CON artists and there is an alert on the BBB for them as well as the Montana banking institution has just issued a sieze and dessist on them. Their website is

DO not fall victim to them, they are still in business at this moment.
If you know anyone who has, report them ASAP via BBB, the Montana Attorney Generals office. There are many ways of reporting them and we must do this to the full EXTENT!!!

If anyone else has had problems, if anyone is in the process of having problems Please let me know lets work together.