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    Grand Mayan scam

    I just got back from vacation from cancun and realized I fell for there lies. I'm sick to my stomach thinking how can I get out of this. I have read the similar situation of what some people have done. I can't wait until tomorrow to get thing going. But yes I purchased the grand Mayan two weeks that I can't use because I was told I had to rent them for five years. They have me a supposedly a better deal because of this. Yet at the sales person called his guy in Miami with the company global golf connection and gave them my info. He told me my time would be rented I would get money so out of pocket for me would only be $125 a month. That in January I would get a check for those weeks. When I got home for vacation, I noticed I got no calls, no emails. Was only left with credit charges of $18,000. So I panic. Called everywhere but it seems that I'm not getting any real answers. Now I will place complaint with profecto in Mexico. If anyone can help me w more info on what I need to do to cancel w these people. Please guide me :(

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    Re: Grand Mayan scam

    What date did you buy? You really have to know how to handle this liars, email me at [email protected]. One thing you nee to do is collect every piece of consumer complaints on the Mayan, and there is a lot. They always use the scam of you can rent it out to make you feel at ease to buy, but if they were so easy to rent and make money, the resort wouldn't be selling them as timeshares.
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    Re: Grand Mayan scam

    This seems odd to me, I have owned at Mayan Palace for over 10 years, have chosen to upgrade twice and leave for 2 weeks in Cabo in 10 days.
    They never said anything about their renting out your space, in fact you sign a form that clearly says they do not do this, they do provide a list of outside vendors who will rent hem for you but make no claims about how well they work.

    I had one problem once where I made a mistake, still they took care of it, and gave me an extra week in their Bliss Property (Another Level Up)

    FYI to moderator, Mayan Palace etc do not sell specific weeks, you buy either a timeshare that allows you any of 48 weeks a year or for a little more the three most in demand weeks a year (Christmas, Easter and some Major Mexican Holiday) It is subject to availability, and you can book up to 6 months out. They also have times where they will bonus you a larger room IE From A Studio to a 1BR or a 1BR to a 2BR, or resort credits or even buy one get one weeks.

    I do not work for Mayan Place or its owner Vida, I simply have owned there since 2001.

    What he may have done is sold one of his weeks each year for the first five back to them for a discount on the purchase price, they do offer that. But he would have signed a contract that explicitly detailed that, I know, I saw that form. But they don't need his weeks, they have enough rooms to use promotionally as it is, ad they are adding more buildings and resorts all the time under the different brands (Mayan Palace, GrandMayan,Bliss, Sea Garden and one other I cannot remember)

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    Re: Grand Mayan scam,watch out,squatters

    In general terms any time you go to Caribbean or Central America to buy property watch out. Why? because they have a different "adverse possession law" this means a different "squatters law. in their countries a squatter can come in and in just 3 days claim possession. Where as in the good old USA a squatter has to be in possesion of the land for 10 years before they can claim it. so it means that if a Gringo,Norte Americano comes to say Costa Rico and buys a place ( house+ land ) and stays there just for the Summer. Come Autumn a local can come in a seize the property. if you try to take them to court, good luck. they win. so some unscrupulous property dealers sell to the Gringo,Norte Americanos. Wait a few months, then squatters come. then the Gringo,Norte Americanos find out.they get disgusted.they sell out at a low price. then the developer repeats the process to other unsuspecting Gringos,Norte Americanos. it would be comical but the loss of money is great. so watch out anywhere you go in the Central Americas. if you only want a Summer place, then odds are that squatters will descend upon it when you go back home. the legal battles cost and the developer knew about it from day one. in my book ,forget it. :

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    Re: Grand Mayan scam

    I bought a Mayan Palace timeshare in my early 20s and it was one of the worst financial mistakes I ever made. I never intended to buy it, but I cannot suckered into going to a presentation to get free show tickets when I was in Puerto Vallarta. The high-pressure sales person convinced me to sign on the dotted line, and I ended up with a timeshare. It was one of the hardest things to get rid of, and I lost about $20,000 in the process. There is a good article about this fraudulent company: http://www.timesharescam.com/blog/20...hare-contract/

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