Josh Davis aka Joshua Davis.

Reward: $250 in egold for verified name, address, phone number and preferably pictures of this scammer. Please claim in this topic leaving an email address or go to the Camp Idiot forums @ http://campidiot.com and post the subject JOSH DAVIS REWARD CLAIM there leaving the info and an email. [$25 apiece for either full credit report or past mailing addresses as well]

He resides in either California or Texas and is fond of Dodge Vipers. He likes to run small times scams -- which he claims are not scams. Some past scams included his Million Dollar Vegas Party scam where he promised a million dollar party, Dodge Vipers, and more in exchange for people sending people to his sites and buying pixels. His most recent scam was using a forum where he would solicit donations from people. Once he obtained hundreds or thousands of dollars he would then secretly sell the forum for thousands of dollars and leave all the users out in the cold.

If you are on a forum and the owner is named Josh or is fond of Dodge Vipers, be aware of this BEFORE sending him money!