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    Food for Thought

    Whether you were for the war, or against it when it started. Or, whether you are still for it, newly against it or have always had your doubts... you need to measure your beliefs against the facts.

    This should help. It's long, but explains much.


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    Re: Food for Thought

    does GRIM have a TAIL!?if it is TALL,it is tucked between his legs right now!?and does this have ANYTHING to do with buying YOUR fancy and THROWIN away/IGNORIN the DIRECTIONS!?hehe!!.....just askn....

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    Re: Food for Thought

    Sojustask, I was actually buying my friends copies of that issue of the Atlantic Monthly, because I felt, and still do feel, that this article is the single best piece of journalism in my lifetime.

    It's an amazingly prescient choice, and the single best piece of information on why Iraq fell apart post-invasion.

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