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Thread: Deadlenders.com

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    Not sure what deadlenders.com is trying to accomplish. They have a picture of a church sign stating "Stated Income Mortgage Applicant Confessions Sunday 11:00am" and they appear to relish in the death of subprime lenders or any article that creates negative light on the mortgage industry.

    However, deadlenders.com have ads all over their site with links to brokers and lenders who do and have done large volumes of subprime and 100% loan to value stated income loans which include the exact banks that are being exposed on deadlenders.com.

    So, we have pseudo consumer advocacy website highlighting the failings of the very industry that supports this website. Wow. From Compassionate Capitalism to Creative Capitalism.

    Does Scam.com support this???

    It's tough to throw stones when you live in a glass house....

    It's like Congress putting up a website exposing fraud, government waste and hypocrisy then having links to all the congressmen....he he.

    Or Hillary Clinton trying to expose the Bush family using excerpts from the book "Compromised" - Clinton, Bush and the CIA - by Terry Reed

    Or, Skillings and Enron putting up a web sites attacking Gray Davis and having links to discounted trading of electricity and oil back in the day..

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we are blinded by our own hidden agenda's :eek:

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    Re: Deadlenders.com

    deadlenders.com is very similar to scam.com. They both run google ads that tied to website' content. So deadlenders.com will get the same mortgage companies' ads it is trying to expose, and scam.com get scummiest ads.

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