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    University Lab Technologies Stock Scam update links;

    University Lab Technologies Stock Scam update links;

    If you invested in this company and you feel youve been scammed, you may get your money back. Dr. Morrows medical career may be your only recourse. His medical career may be at risk by filing complaints to the proper authorities, such as the Canadian medical advisory, or such bodies that handle these complaints relating to the medical proffesion and its conduct.

    Below are current press releases from the government of Canada..





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    Re: University Lab Technologies Stock Scam update links;

    University Lab Technologies Stock Scam (Refund your money)

    If you have been scammed by University Lab Technologies, you may get your money back possibly..

    1. File a complaint to all the doctors at this site, complaining about Dr. Jarret Morrow. The college may hold his license ransom until he provides restitution to those people that were scammed.

    College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

    2. Visit the residence of George Theodore (aka Theodoropoulos, birthdate April 14, 1966) and Dr. Jarret Morrow , and demand your money. (These two are very timid and scared). The house is large, the investment is big, and they cant run too fast.

    17602 Middle Lake Drive
    Boca Raton, Fl 33496

    ( Theodore is in USA on an L1 work permit)

    3. Call the Saskatchewan Financial Services who are actively working on this case;


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    Re: University Lab Technologies Stock Scam update links;

    NEWS RELEASE - APRIL 27, 2007
    The Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission (SFSC) had issued a temporary cease trade order on April 11, 2007, against University Lab Technologies Inc. (ULT), which also included certain individual representatives - George Theodore, Dan Iwanski, Steve Axelrod, Sy Schaiken, Bill Ross, and Richard L. Green. That cease trade order has now been extended until the SFSC is provided with satisfactory information with respect to this matter.
    The SFSC is working closely in this investigation with several other provincial Securities Commissions who have an identified interest in ULT and are also being assisted by the Office of Financial Regulation in Florida.

    University Lab Technologies Inc., based in Boca Raton, Florida, holds itself out as manufacturing and selling natural products that address common complaints among specific groups of people.
    Since the Temporary Order was issued, a seventh individual, David Sewell, has been identified as a salesperson for ULT. Sewell made contact with residents of Saskatchewan by telephone, email and mail, and offered to sell them common shares of ULT. As a result, some Saskatchewan residents have purchased shares in ULT.

    None of the individuals mentioned, nor ULT, have been or are registered to trade in securities in Saskatchewan. The SFSC has also not issued a prospectus receipt to ULT. Therefore, they have contravened both the registration and prospectus requirements of Saskatchewan securities laws.
    If anyone has been contacted by a person acting on behalf of ULT, please call the SFSC at 306-787-5936.
    The complete decision is available at the Commission web site at http://www.sfsc.gov.sk.ca/.

    For more information, contact:
    Ed Rodonets
    Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission
    Phone: 306-787-5850
    Email: erodonets@justice.gov.sk.ca

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