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    Strange phone calls

    I'm going to post this here because I don't know where else to post this, and because I believe it's connected to a free stuff company I signed up for.

    I've gotten 3 phone calls today from the following number:

    The first time, I didn't pick up and they just hung up. The second time, I didn't pick up again, and it went to my voicemail, in which all I heard was a click, meaning they hung up. The third time, I picked up, but no one answered.

    If anyone has any information about these jerks, please respond.

    And if anyone can figure out where this number goes to, maybe you should try wasting their time 419 style. I'm getting sick and tired of it.

    Furthermore, can anyone respond if they've been getting multiple phone calls daily about working at home? I think one of the affiliate networks is selling our information. I've been into freebie stuff for a while (hence my long sig), so I'm pretty cautious about these things by now, but the number of telemarketing calls I've been getting is outrageous. Be cautious about what you sign up for.
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    Re: Strange phone calls

    Try changing your phone number

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    Re: Strange phone calls

    Exact same thing has been happening to me. First company to start calling showed up on caller id with 14 digits. Finally, I was home to answer and told them no I did not want to start a home business. Then started getting calls from two other companies offering the same thing. I am pretty sure one of those freebie companies (or sponsor offer companies) sold our info. I have noticed that they all stop calling when I tell them I don't want to start a home business (they don't even try to sell me on the idea, just say sorry and hang up).

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    Re: Strange phone calls

    It is very likely someone doing telemarketing who is just playing around because they don't want to work, but look busy.

    I've worked in a call centre before and seen what a lot of people do if they're not in the mood to work, they just make random calls to look busy, because their phone statements are checked each month to see if they actually made any calls.

    I wouldn't be alarmed if I were you, you don't have anyone who is out to get you for anything, so it's rather harmless, just really annoying.

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    Re: Strange phone calls

    Quote Originally Posted by beammeup4
    Proper format for this number is; 00-1-701-837-0762
    00 is the international calling code for the US.
    1 is the internal long distance number for the US.
    701 is the US area code for North Dakota.
    837 is the prefix for the city of Minot.
    0762 is the number.
    AnyWho.com reverse phone number look-up shows;
    Hartwig, Quinn & Tracy
    414 18 St NW
    Minot, ND 58703
    I don't believe that using the international calling code will work work when making internal calls. Could be a kid messing around or someone's auto-dialer screwing up. Or just a malfunction with the phone company.
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