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    Sporting good cheap from Justin Sigg

    This gent runs ads on Craigslist for sporting goods and acts like he does not know anything about them. He tells the tale of them belonging to a diabled friend that he has been helping clean his attic.

    He pictured a Reloader so I called him and was sold the item for $185 including the delivery fee. A check was sent and after a few weeks I never received the item paid for. After many emails and phone calls I have never received it nor any replies other than to tell me he was putting it in the mail on Monday........this was almost 5 months ago!

    Here is his address and number if anyone wants to give him a yell. PLEASE yell "INTERNET SCAMMER" at him! Home address is Justin Sigg 14520 E. 13th ave. Aurora, Colorado 80011. Phone number is 720-329-1202 His email is; [email protected]

    Chris B

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    Re: Sporting good cheap from Justin Sigg

    You can also post this on ripoff report

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