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    Steady Apartment Rentals (steadyapartmentrentals.com) = SCAM!

    The following names/aliases are related to an elaborate, albeit sloppy, scam to fraudulently rent apartments in Boston, NYC, Washington DC, and Miami.

    Hilario Burnham
    Rowland Smith
    Smith Rowland
    Dan Micheal Lumzy

    The business address is:

    Steady Apartment Rentals
    220 Sombrero Beach Road
    Marathon, Florida 33050

    Though the scammers are also still using:

    7187 East 1st Street
    Saint Anne, IL 60901

    The scammers were using:


    They shut down that email address, and started using:


    The scammers require 1/2 the rental and a deposit to be sent by MoneyGram, along with the confirmation number, receipt, and other information to:

    Name: Mark McCarthy
    Address: 7100 Stonecrest Pky ...or...
    Address: 1870 Appaloosa Ln
    City: Buford
    State: Georgia
    Zip code: 30519
    Phone: 573-560-9424

    All contact info, aliases, addresses, etc., have been reported to the FTC. Any other suggestions for shutting these creeps down?

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    Re: Steady Apartment Rentals (steadyapartmentrentals.com) = SCAM!

    That also goes for Steady Apartments Rentals.

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    Re: Steady Apartment Rentals (steadyapartmentrentals.com) = SCAM!

    Hello Folks - first time here to add to this string, and let anyone looking into these know that they are also now using 'meandyouhomes.com'. We couldn't find this site anywhere when we tried checking them out, so I hope this helps out someone else who does the same.

    They'll sound somewhat legit, and respond when you contact them, but are 'too busy' with inquiries to show you the actual apartment/home. Then will ask for a Western Union transfer.

    Thankfully, we avoided a grave mistake, because they gave us the name to transfer the money to (Dan Micheal Lumzy), and the address, which I found for sale through a legitimate Boston broker.

    Beware these scuzzy people!!

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