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Thread: CarranZa Slim

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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Hey J, You want to promote your pathetic slander? Let me help you, lying coward :


    I am not concerned at all about this. It is just a desperate reaction from a known and proven con artist, named J Bartell, who ripped me off for over 150,000 USD dollars.

    The name of the so called author (Peter Marshall of Florida?) is just a fictitious name. His real name is J. Bartell.

    You can find more about his scams here:


    J, why don't you tell the audience here about this email and who wrote it? Are you afraid that everyone sees you are a despicable fraud? Is that 'the reason why you're hiding now?

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 1:32 PM

    Dear Mr. Dankbaar, Up until now we have been reluctant to contact you directly because J Bartell has been our chosen main contact. But he has indicated to us of your intense desire for some kind of corroboration about the project. Thus, this letter. It should bring some clarification although perhaps not the kind you were hoping for. The reason Mr. Bartell was chosen originally was because he was the last of a group of men that we trusted with what we consider very valuable information. Please understand that having been entrusted with this duty has weighed heavily on us for many years. We thought our obligations would soon end, but it appears that through your actions, that is not to be the case. Mr. Bartell has allowed us to read your communications, whether or not it reflected a positive image of you or him. We think that you both could have corrected the direction where your relationship was going, if only you both would have thought more about the project rather than yourselves. Then again, we are fully aware of Mr. Bartell¹s background and how strongly he felt about following the parameters of the contract. We, of course, have questions that we would have liked to have asked of you. What would you have done with the information and items? We would hope that it would be displayed for the world to witness. We certainly believed that Mr. Bartell would have been a great asset by promoting the venture through his company. And with your expertise on the subject matter, the project could have only been an even greater success. What is so very puzzling to us, is that you accuse Mr. Bartell of so many unscrupulous actions, but yet he agreed to reimburse you if the project did not come to fruition because of something he might have done wrong. Both of us are equally troubled with why you would tell anyone of the project before the proper time. Obviously the proper time is not now, nor was it then, when you chose to reveal it to unauthorized persons. We were told that you were enormously dedicated to unveiling the truth about what had actually happened on that day in Texas. It¹s unfortunate that this letter could not be the positive conclusion to our contract and a very positive beginning to long relationship. But, it is obvious after reading your letters to J Bartell and people who are known by him, that you are not quite the type of individual that we wish to involve in our project. Therefore, this is notification to you both that we are seriously considering transferring the project to someone we can trust that also has the means to present this evidence to the world in the way it¹s owner had intended. As you can imagine, Mr. Dankbaar, we will also be sending a copy of this letter to Mr. Bartell. There is no evidence that he has done anything but uphold his part of our agreement. We will, therefore continue to communicate with him until our final decision is made either way. For security purposes, the address we used to send this letter will be destroyed. May you have the best of luck with your other various endeavors.

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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    For the truth about Wim Dankbaar, James Files, April Kelley and Edward Kelley, please go to:





    Dave Perry's JFK Pages

    These are just some of the many well respected websites that deal with people like these. Some have been online for over 10 years, serving the people with truth and honesty. Not like many here, that are allowed to make up facts as they go along.


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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Bartell, or whatever your real name is:

    3 of those 5 websites are from yourself.

    The other one is from Bob Vernon, a conman like yourself, who ripped me off for over twice the money you did. The other one is David Perry, one of the leading "lone nut theorists" who has been blown out of the water multiple times.

    But that's not important. Kindly let us know about your "secret package" for the JFK murder conspiracy that you were "chosen" to receive. More info here:


    By the way, why did you remove these webpages? Are they not the truth anymore?



    Why don't you re-install them again, despicable wurm!

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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Sad, Sad Wim Dankbaar,
    The more people know about the James Files Fraud and his puppets, April Kelley and Edward Kelley, the sicker Wim Dankbaar becomes.

    How sick do you need to be to put up your children's pictures in such a horrible setting.

    Could anyone out there tell me where I can find Wim Dankbaar's mystery "onlinejustice.com" website?

    Let Wim Dankbaar put his money where his mouth is. How about $150,000 if someone can prove by a independent website company, that there were never any pages like the ones that Mr. Dankbaar's 2 links above regarding his children. How about it Mr. Dankbaar, how about it Mr. Big Mouth?

    OK, everyone, lets wait for Mr. Dankbaar to put a spin on the challenge. :yelcutelaughA: After all, Mr. Dankbaar is a well know coward!





    Dave Perry's JFK Pages

    These are just some of the many well respected websites that deal with people like these. Some have been online for over 10 years, serving the people with truth and honesty. Not like many here, that are allowed to make up facts as they go along.


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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Hello Buddy ol gal' pal Jayme... what up!

    I see that you have been BUSY opening MANY domains and emails with my name, very cool info to have against you... You know in court or such, if need be... Come to think about it... this is identity theft right! YES YOU KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT TACTIC! :spin2:

    I have only posted to 2 places on the net other than at my website URL (remember the company that you destroyed... yeah thats the one) 1 is this board and I did use 1 of your MANY names so that your lies would index well. Mind you you have 100s of sites and MANY with slander of me on them... NOW WHO IS THE BAD GUY??!! "CowBoy"?? NEVER did I want your identity... (as you know) However I see you like being me... well it is ok to be confused. I understand. I see you have been struggling with such things your whole life… Really I do feel bad for you about this, but can’t pity someone who brings SHAME to themselves… SO MOVING ON!

    NOTE I AM NO LONGER AFRAID OF YOU! If you KILL me as you state, all will know that you did it! Check out my updated site… www.OiAgent.com ... If you are willing to steal my existing software and sell it to the highest bidder and take $2,000 with NO NEW deliverable code... at the expense of my disabled son... You understand that I am a MOTHER and I will fight all the way to EXPOSE you... YOU FRAUD!! So come kill me MR. Black Ops ASSassin... or have one of your cronies do it... Know who ever does it.... ALL will know that you were behind it... STEALTH MAN! :crazy1:

    If you want to open sites on me PLEASE DO, it builds TRAFFIC to my site at www.OIAGENT.COM that shows ALL your CONS! The MORE the better, keep them coming ol' boy!

    FYI I do not "work" for Wim Dankbaar as I am not a puppet like you are "UNDER" Judd Mcilvain ;). I know the TRUTH and you both are FRAUDS of the worse kind.

    I was NOT going to respond to ANY MORE OF YOUR LIES AND BS!!! I ONLY ANSWER FOR WIM AS HE IS A GOOD MAN AND YOU MESSED WITH HIS CHILDREN! How dare you do such a thing!!! Wim is telling the TRUTH about everything and you KNOW it!!!

    Now to answer your question to Wim, I will respond by stating there are MANY sites that index or "archive" website content and YES I could see the above archived pages, but only the NAMES of the images and not the actual photos as they do not get indexed and kept on servers. But, yes the “Content” proves that this information WAS on your servers on YOUR site YOU SICKO!

    I will NOT state the 3 achieving tools that I searched, as I use them ALL THE TIME AGAINST YOU ALL THE TIME! And I will remove the hyperlinks so that you will find my sources… so do some actual work and find out yuorself... Or better yet hire someone with my $2,000... that is always an option... (although a “Programmer” knows such things right??? Oh, that is right; this is your type of “programming”…. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/272804 ... WOW, AND THAT IS WHY YOUR COST IS $75 PER HOUR and that was the “FAVOR” amount??!! Now that is some MAGICAL programming expertise you have there Mr. Bartell… :crazy1:

    I saw the below “CONTENT" under the same site in question, "OnlineJustice.org":

    FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO STATE MY FAVORITE article on this site was the one entitled “Net Fraud: Internet Relationship Turns to Fraud”… Wow, how appropriate you set others up so that you can MAKE money off the controversy and by extorting them… You know the CLASIC Jay Ninja move! Very Impressive…

    AND WHAT A GEM THIS WAS TO FIND ON A consumer organization website… you know the indexed info on a girl you must have had a DISAGREEMENT with… I know…. I know a BIG SHOCK! As in “Debbie Hoover the Slut”….

    DRUM ROOL!!!! :sun_smiley:

    Debbie Hoover (images named "Debbie Hoover is the SLUT") … I will NOT mention the ugly content on a MR. Richard Ploesch, CPA… maybe another day...

    Your Debbie Hoover "Content" as you call it:

    Of all the internet babes I've known
    And, trust me, I've known a few!
    You rank far above in so many ways,
    I tremble to mention a few.
    From your greasy big hair
    To the slime of your skin
    And the odor that reeks from below.
    There truly is nothing that could possibly compare
    to your tits that hang down so low.
    Voluptuous, you say?
    Oh no, my dear
    Your mirror is obviously warped.
    You're really a whore, a slut who lies.
    Just someone who wants to be bought.
    I pity the men who have taken you up
    But maybe again I don't.
    They surely deserve every fat slutty inch.
    They obviously got what they sought.

    Send Emails to [email protected]
    Anyone can and should use any and all materials from this site.


    Here is a more professional page…. of the plethora that are out there on the "non-existent" indexed pages that you seem not to know still exist in cyber space (not "cyberspace", but as in cyber space... that is if you needed some help understanding...)

    This site is dedicated to Justice and the neverending fight for fairness in an unfair society. We all know how unfair the court system can be - filled with prejudicial judges, unscrupulous lawyers, outdated laws, and even bored, underpaid and ignorant juries. We don't even call it "The Justice System"! And occasionally, we even come across corrupt and greedy individuals who deserve special mention here.
    We invite individuals needing to be heard to send us your stories or opinions about subjects that you feel are not getting a fair shake in the conventional news media. All information submitted to us must be forthright and without profanity. Not everybody's story will make the grade, but the ones that do will be available for all the world to read in our Visitor Area.
    The staff would like to give a big thanks to the supporters of Online Justice by helping us reach over 230,000 visitors a month. We believe that our unique process of making clone sites have allowed the search engines to get us greater exposure. So from now, each case will have a minimum of 12 clone sites that will be registered with all the search engines. We wish to thank Robert P. for sending us the idea. Remember, our news letter has been successful for many years but we've only been online for a little over a year. Thanks, the staff.
    Open Investigtions
    The Food & Drug Administration, USDA, EPA
    Charges: Fraud & Deceit • Negligence • Ecological Mayhem • Conspiracy to Harm Humans & Wildlife
    Richard Ploesch, CPA
    Charges: Fraud, Extortion, Blackmail and Bad Business Practices.

    Closed Investigations
    Pre Paid Legal
    Charges: Fraud & Deceit • Securities Fraud • Fraudulent Business Practices • Breach of
    Kellogg's Brand Cereals
    Charges: Fraud & Deceit • Conspiracy to Profit from Poisoning People • Negligence • Ecological Mayhem • Conspiracy to Harm Wildlife
    Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
    Charges: Horse Torture • Conspiracy to Commit Horse Torture • Conspiracy to Control Government Studies • Conspiracy to Control Market
    Social Security Administration
    Charges: Incompetence • Maliciousness • Cruelty
    Los Angeles Police Department
    Charges: Corruption • Theft • Drug Sales • Illegal Imrisonment • Attempted Murder • Prejury
    California Politicians & Gov. Gray Davis
    Charges: Treason • Breach of Contract • Lying to the American People
    U.S. Government, Banking Industry, Credit Reporting Agencies
    Charges: Deceit • Invasion of Privacy • Maliciousness
    © 1999-2004 OnlineJustice.org

    ENOUGH SAID!!! :judges:

    I do not care to respond back, so answer back if you wish… I will IGNOR you!! you bore me... I only LOVE to make FUN of you now!! : The more you LIE the more you motivate me to get to KNOW all your lies... However what I now know, I will say there is nothing more! :

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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Bartell, I would ignore you if I didn't know that exposing the truth about your scams is nagging you so much and preventing you from making more victims. The latter is even more important:


    And once again, thanks for the free publicity on the James Files story, and not to forget your former "partner" Chauncey Holt.


    I do like the increased influx of orders.


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    Re: CarranZa Slim


    If we read the email below, I bet everyone here gets tears in his eyes. I bet everyone understands that Wim is the boogieman, and Jay and Ginger poor old victims of Wim!

    From: J Bartell
    To: Wim Dankbaar
    Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 6:14 AM
    Subject: Re: Info requested

    Dear Wim:
    I must say I thought it would be fairly easy to give you a number of what we think is owed to you. I have always believed that the money you lent CyberSoup should be paid back. But now I am forced to take into consideration the damage that you have caused CyberSoup and all of its investors. Now, after 11 years of working 7 days a week, Ginger and I have to seek other employment which is of course nearly impossible at our age. We have lost not only past investors, but people that were also possible investors as well as companies that were willing to pay for advertising their products or services in front of our many visitors. This is all due to your campaign against us which included defamatory statements about our company and calling me a liar, con man and thief which you also posted for all the world to see on the Internet. As a result, the CyberSoup corporation was dissolved, which can be easily verified by Nevada’s Secretary of State.

    Your campaign also has caused us the loss of programmers and designers. CyberSoup is in serious debt to the tune of $100,000, with some business loans in default for over a year. In essence what you have done is kill the only means possible to get your money back.

    In regards to the JFK project, of which I was the middle man, you have admitted breaking the oral agreement by telling others about the project. Because you broke the original terms of the agreement, the project failed and I should not be held responsible.

    Furthermore, you have not taken into account two items that you still to this day hold as collateral: the Colt ‘45 SA which you accepted at the time at a value of $40,000 and the coin collection which was evaluated at $15,000. I know you’ll be tempted to suggest, after the fact, that they were not worth what you originally accepted them as, but it is not my fault that you did not do your due diligence.

    Then there is the amount you owe for stalking those in association with CyberSoup, Judd McIlvain, for one, who is willing to testify to your stalking him with dozens of emails, some threatening to destroy him, followed by your active attempts to do so in your web site postings. You even stalked an ambassador of a foreign country in the US and then tried to cover your actions by claiming you were just warning him about me - an astoundingly ridiculous assertion, since I had NO relationship with him.

    So, it is obviously not easy to come up with a figure and even if I did, how could you possibly collect it under the current circumstances that you created. And I still maintain, that what you think is owed you is countered by the damages you caused and collateral you have kept and the failed project that you yourself instigated.

    I’ll be more than happy to discuss the above with you but be aware that if you try to use our conversation as a tool of intimidation or to post further defamatory remarks on the Internet, we shall instantly discontinue the conversation and simply see you at the mediation in January and most likely proceed to trial.

    If you wish to call, I will be available at 11 pm tonight (Monday) my time or Tuesday at 12 noon my time.




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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    For information regarding Wim Dankbaar, April Kelley and Ed Kelley of medical devices company Stryker, please check out the following websites.

    By the way, if you wish to see the real difference between the 3 people above and the people they stalk and lie about, please check out their posts above and then the following web sites.

    thank you for your time.





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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Thank you so much Sugar for bringing up my husbands work. My husband understood that you you were a CON as you could NOT furnish my husband with ANY valid "medical invention" information.

    Your "medical invention" that you tried to con my husband with, who works for a medical device company... so that you may get a "medical device" contract. This did not happen as you are full of :cwm14:! You almost made me want to believe it as I have a child with autism that you stated you could CURE! with this "invention"! We will let the FDA be able to tell me if you were lying on this one. I still hope that this is NOT a lie. But I will guess that it is!

    Ok, moving on... you stated you were a medical device inventor who worked with co-inventor Dr. Curtis Cripe... AND YOU WERE A BEHAVIORAL SPECIALIST... well... well.... well... you have some explaining to do Missy (I mean Mr... whatever!!).

    Please ALL THAT READ THIS VERIFY what I state, by calling the governing bodies on the below:

    Complaint Against:
    Jay Bartell
    Behavior Therapist
    PO Box 6387
    Frazier Park , CA 93222
    [email protected]

    Judd Mcilvain
    Title: "Consumer Advocate" (partner of Bartell)
    23448 Bessemer St
    Woodland Hills CA , 91367
    [email protected]
    (Judd’s site TroubleShooterJudd.com promotes BrainTrackers.com)

    Mr. Jay Bartell told me special techniques to cure my son with autism. He stated that he needed me & my son to fly to Cal to have him do a full assessment plus use his FDA approved medical invention "brain mapping" technology to help cure my son of autism. He claimed that he was a licensed therapist plus hypnosis MD. He claimed nearly 100% success rate and that the FDA has the documentation to prove this.

    J’s site BrainTrackers.com states: “from Qeeg brain imaging to left-right brain behavior modification, is a highly personalized approach, gain peak performance, Brain Map / Assessments, Neurodevelopment Training, Personalized brain exercises, using audio & visual stimuli, Subconscious Conditioning…”

    Jay's partner is Dr. Curtis Cripe and co-inventor. Mr. Cripe claims that he is a graduate of Saybook and UCLA. Mr. Cripe: www.aapb.org/corporate_members.html ... who owns CrossRoads Institute. He also is a NASA something or another according to Jay... I mean Mr. Cripes... own writes ups.... An Arizona physician, Dr. Martha Grout is currently in court against Mr. Cripe for forged medical credentials, her site details: www.arizonaadvancedmedicine.com )

    Some of J’s med articles: ezinearticles.com/?expert=J_Bartell
    Autism example: ezinearticles.com/?Autism---Children-and-Learning-Disabilities&id=3500839

    Jay Bartell lists his license here: braintrackers.com/company/29 as MFCC License #M15093. I verified is canceled via the BBS (bbs.ca.gov), (916) 574-7830. This site states at: http://www2.dca.ca.gov/pls/wllpub/WLLQRYNA$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=15093&P_LTE_ID=720:
    Licensee Name:BARTELL J
    License Number:15093
    License Status:CANCELED
    Expiration Date:December 31, 1981
    Issue Date:August 15, 1980
    Address:14640 VICTORY BLVD #210
    City:VAN NUYS
    County:LOS ANGELES

    On BrainTrackers.com Jay Bartell is accepting patients with the same canceled 1981 Behavior Specialist license.

    Oddly, another site that Jay Bartell owns used this EXACT same license that is confirmed to be canceled accepted patients between 1991-2008.

    DearPro.com lists this license belonging to a woman under named Ms Soup & accepted Q&A’s. Site dates Oct 99-May 08.


    Ms Soup Bio, http://web.archive.org/web/200805021...ogy/index.html
    Ms Soup's Resume: http://web.archive.org/web/20050224210733/www.dearpro.com/psychology/msresume.html

    Jay Bartell playing "Behavior Specailists":
    jbartell.info (lists autism & disability articles)

    "Ms. Soup" & Bartell have almost the EXACT bio, however the colleges conflict. I could not confirm that Jay was a graduate of any other them.

    I was recommended to work with Jay Bartell that was to do website "programming" from the famous Cal consumer advocate Judd Mcilvain. Jay is Judds best friend & hostmast of "TroubleShooterJudd.com".

    These two men stole my existing insurance software & took $2,000.00 after changing the original contract. They even backed dated sites to appear that they had my sites software years ago so that they could sell it. Please mouse over the blog comment for Jay Bartell to the upper left with the name "Jay"... http://healthcarefinancials.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/lloyd-m-krieger-md-mba/ (email and audio prove that I met Jay in late Oct of 09, NOT Mar 08)

    I did not follow Jays recommendations as I discovered that Bartell reprogrammed my existing software to pay him and not me, via PayPal. After this he and Judd emailed me stating they knew the law and they could steal my software AND THEY DID IT! I stated that I would go public. At this point Jay Bartell told me that he would KILL ME as he is a black ops assassin. Judds even did a "Special" report on his Sweet cakes JayMe's life as a CIA agent special "black ops" killing agent: http://web.archive.org/web/200610092.../231_club.html At the 231Club.com Bartell / Mcilvain claim to be an associates of Chauncey Holt the CIA operative that was arrested that JFK was murdered.

    Jay is a host master & domain owner to 100s of domains including porn. All Jay & Judd’s porn sites hard link to or through kids sites. Ex: Jay owns PassiveArts.com go to this site & hit the exit button...this leads to a children’s website.http://www.happytreefriends.com/ (most likely his site... huh honey??? Don't worry I already KNOW!!)

    Jays hosting company asked J to remove his lies, yet Jay refuses. They told me only a government agency can help me. But J has been sued many times & the courts have forced him to remove content. Only later to reemerge under a new name?? Jay has MANY aliases. (BIG SHOCK)

    Bartell is using/have used many websites to claim that he is a valid therapist. Please HELP be try taking these sites down. Some of J’s IPs: trustedsource.org/query/

    NOTE: LucasLawCenter.com the FBI shut down; Judd & Jay host, created, put all the content on this site, including “Scam Tips”, Judd appeared on the site, had ads on his TroubleShooterJudd.com website, did radio shows, convinced people to invest in this company via email and the phone AND JAY AND JUDD put the lawyers together)
    Now I seem to remember that the LucasLawCenter "INCORPORATED", a corporation, also d/b/a Lucas Law Center; FUTURE FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC, a limited liability company, also d/b/a Lucas Law Center; PAUL JEFFREY LUCAS, an individual; CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS BETTS, an individual; and FRANK SULLIVAN... (an lets not forget Chris Matthews who was Frank Sullivans partner also... and then the fact that the LucasLawFirm also had Matthew Rychecky who helped with the loans) As a note the MASTER MIND behind this firm was Chris Betts. However, the REAL mastermind are not these men, right Jay!! I am sure ALL the other info I have on you including your REAL company that is nationwide that you and Judd represent is NOT any part of this. Again if you KILL me I have ALL the info ready to go and the detective knows where to get it, hun!

    Not to mention that SULLIVAN is a very close name to you and Judd Mcilvain as in the fictitious business name the SULLIVAN ACCIDENT CENTER which is THE SAME COMPANY AS SULLIVAN ACCIDENT LAW http://www.efbn.saccounty.net/eFBNBu...gNum=200506550 and this was under Judds main partner Stuart L Weisser ..... and he owns this! (Stuart died of cancer... most likely due to a MOLD! Get it Jay I know that you do! And JUDD!)

    Most likely ALL a co-incidence! And NO connections what-so-ever!

    On OiAgent.com:
    LucasLawCenter.com the FBI shut down the company behind this site, but who was really BEHIND this site... Jay and Judd BOTH created, host and provided ALL THE CONTENT including “SCAM TIPS” ! The LucasLawCenter.com "helped" those in lieu of foreclosure & required a non-refundable upfront fee so that their clients could “afford” their costs. And told these people NOT to pay their mortgages!! Associated Press Member "mandelman" states "Having reviewed the complaint, it appears to both me and Judd McIlvain, a television investigative journalist who has worked for CBS for 40+ years, that the FTC wrote their complaint directly from the handful of complaints... and I do mean handful... that are found on the BBB site in Southern California..." NOTE JAY BARTELL CONTROLS THE MANDELMAN SITE AND EVEN OWNS www.MandelManMatters.com
    Judd Mcilvain also stated that he personally visited the Lucas Law Center & verified the lawyers via the Cal. State Bar & determined the lawyers were one the Up & Up! Mr. Mcilvain must NOT have reviewed the right "FIRM" FACTS?! Easy Mistake???!! MAYBE?? NOT!!

    Mess with me Jay and I will EXPOSE you! I do not see messing someone over and getting to SLANDER them as a bonus as an option!! You stole 2 years of my work and profited from it at the expense of my disabled son! The more that you mess with me, the more sites that you have and the more LIES you say the MORE I will expose you!

    Again you harm me or make a trip from one of your MANY "business" locations, such as here in Michigan and I will make sure that I am ready! You do not scare me. I served 8 years in the service, you are nothing to me... you ASS!... and I know that you like the word ASS... so you will not find offense to this in the lease! ;)... HONESTLY that is the only thing that I feel bad for you on... as I lost religion after churches told me that gays may go to hell.. this is crazy... but I do not feel bad for a liar and a scam artist!

    You tell others I think that you sold my software for a billion dollars to the Chinese... (or was that the JAPANESES) well, that is some type of insurance software indeed. I guess I underestimated your "programming" abilities as where my software was left off was nothing near 1 million, much less 1 billion, WOW... you must be good... AT BULL SHIT101!

    You and Judd Mcilvain stole MY software and stole $2,000 (changed the contract ON PURPOSE!) and then slander me with ALL LIES... you told me that you knew that they were LIES ... you just do NOT want me to TALK! So that you can have your next victim!

    This money and software is NOTHING compared to all the monies that you really have! I KNOW!

    Oddly, my situation is small in the grand scheme of of your lies, but this situation will be the biggest headache of your life. Why?? Because I will EXPOSE YOU! Not a threat, already have... it is a promise!

    If I do not tell the TRUTH, you will surely KILL me and no one will KNOW that you and Judd were behind it! This way the world will KNOW! And know who you really are and know where you are really at as I have this documented and placed in a safety deposit box!

    Now keep the traffic coming to my site! No one reads your site! You only have 3 - 15 unique visitors per month that click off within minutes! THEY READY MY SITE THOU AND STAY ON!

    As a note to the SCAMs staff thanks for taking off the closing to Jays last post, in which he tried to look like he was representing "Scams" staff by posting...

    "All the best,

    Again BS 101 (FYI: Bartell Stories = BS) :crazy1:
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    Re: CarranZa Slim

    Jay Bartell,

    I NEVER once said anything to you about my wife being "confused".
    "Her husband, Edward F. Kelley, explained that April's been a little confused ever since she set up shop with JFK assassination conspiracist Wim Dankbaar, but once she's back on American soil, she'll be back to baking cookies in no time!"
    You state that my wife and I bribed you among many other colorful tales, this too is apart of your imagination.

    My wife nor I have had any contact with you nor anyone that you know, so there is absolutely NO WAY that any of your "QUOTES" could be valid. (as if this is news to you!)

    You are promoting your agenda with key words that you want to index for better search engine results to gain "click-throughs" so that you can gain money from ads... and that is it!

    You changed my wife's contract along with Mr. Mcilvain and then you refused any refunds, did not provide 1 line of code, stated you and Judd would steal her software that she worked 2 years on... and you then have the nerve to state negatives about us on the net??? How exactly does a consumer advocate back this...

    We were very good to you and April was beyond kind to you. She believed all of what you said, but I NEVER DID!

    STOP your lies! You are mentally disturbed, please seek help ASAP!

    I will not post anything further, this is only to confirm to ALL that I back my wife 100 percent and Jay Bartell is lying once again. :
    Last edited by JayBartell; 02-01-2010 at 05:59 PM.

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    Re: CarranZa Slim


    What is this CarranZa Slim? I also want to know about it .

  12. #44

    Re: CarranZa Slim

    These cute Portuguese twins are doing a quick commercial, thanks guys!
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