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    Re: String Theory (the Ultimate)

    but let us NOT forget that string theory is NOTHING new to envision!?for we are all intwinded in this THREAD which is an analogy/reality on/of a string of thoughts and ideas called mind!?(do as your told!?enlist others to do same!?)and dont forget the GOLDEN thread or string that promises WHATEVER!?the holy grail of wisdom or mutual agreement in kindER GENTler WAYS!?from the mouth of a horse of course!?or was it an ass,they have no class,but plenty of brass,of course,a divorce you MUST ask for of course,it's the POLITE thing to do,not the LIGHT on a POLE thing to do....or is it!?hehe!!......just askn.....
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    Re: String Theory (the Ultimate)

    Quote Originally Posted by SLIPPYSKE
    Well there was a PBS special I saw about a year ago and it was like a light bulb went off and I totally understood, they had a brilliant way of explaining
    the many theories and how they off set each other and will eventually help prove each other since most scientist agree almost all of the theories are right to a certain degree.

    As I said, I totally understood at the moment but as soon as I tried to express my excitement and knowledge, I totally lost it and could not piece back together even one of the theories to explain it. I have tried to locate the 2 hour special but I can't and it is killing me...when I find it I will send it straight to you, when you watch it, it will seem so easy to understand and so obviously logical you will be amazed!(but apparently you need to watch it several times to really retain it...hahaha)
    well,i have to confirm by experience that that's pretty much the way your girlfreind/wife related it to me but with alot more GIGGLES and moans than you express!?and her ending was a little bit different!?something about OH!! OHH!! my GOD!!.......but i never take such things personal!?not any more!?goes with the territory i guess!?hahaha!!just kiddin!?..........she never mentioned you at all!?just my own IMAGINATION workin overtime DURING a GOOD time!?at least that's the way i REMEMBER IT!?REPEAT or NOT!?and just consider that "cheaters" may have a new client,"victoria's secret" may make a new sale,and "science" may get off on themselves behind closed doors!?a grateful win-win-win situation if i ever sore it!?hehe!!.....just askn...
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