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    TSA and airlines hiding their responsibility

    :mad: If you've had things stolen from your luggage or your luggage disappeared, it's time to try and do something to put a stop to it.

    Tell your story on:

    Stolen From Bags

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    Re: TSA and airlines hiding their responsibility

    In most cases if you have came across this unfortunate problem there are steps you can take with any airport and the TSA to resolve your issue. TSA which can almost solve any problem with a missing item in checked bag. Has certain ways with their existing technology to quickly come to a resolution.
    Undoubtedly theft does take place. As in any company you always have your 10% of dishonest people. In most cases I have found though the passengers bag was never even stopped and if it was the image does not show the item the passenger claims he or she was missing. The image is obtained before TSA officer gets to the bag.
    But in any case get in touch with the TSA customer service officer at the concerned airport with your bag tag number. I do not know how many people we inform the item was not in your bag when you submitted it for screening. A few days later the passenger calls back and says that they found the item. Most of the time the problem is the passenger is so preconvinced that TSA or the Airline had something to do with it they fail to look in other places. Like the pants pocket of the pants they were wearing when they went to the airport that are still sitting in the dirty clothes bag next to washer after they returned from the fricking airport.

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    Re: TSA and airlines hiding their responsibility

    I don't buy the passenger misplacement theory when the original boxes the equipment was in are still packed inside the bag, but they arrive at the destination luggage carousel empty. Somebody isn't taking this seriously enough to prevent it.

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