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    Act In Business Online For The 2nd Round


    I'm AIB admin.
    I'm glade to annonce you that AIB hastarted the 2nd roud.

    Becomes one of the most attractive instruments for investment. Forex boundless opportunities, such as absolute liquidity, round-the-clock operation, global scale, up-to-date technologies have created a unique profession -Foreign Exchange Trader.

    However, the art of making money using Forex trading, despite its simplicity, is not an easy matter. Our resource gives You a chance to become not only forex professional, but achieve real SUCCESS. Every day we offer You particular recommendations in real trade and analytical articles on FOREX basic currency pairs.
    Includes live forex signals through MAIL, Site news board. Besides, a full daily updates of our forecasts is at your disposal.

    We offer several plans :
    Entry : 2.20% Daily
    Professional : 3.40%
    Executie : 3.80%
    Corpoate : 4.20%

    You can arn up to 4.20% daily for 1buiness year.

    Minmum investment : $10
    MAximum investment : $10.000

    Please don't hsitate to visit, and to bcome our new member.

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    Re: Act In Business Online For The 2nd Round

    Please see our stat's We are realy paying !!!

    Started Apr 5, 2007
    Running days 11
    Total accounts 18
    Active accounts 18
    VIP accounts 3
    Total deposited $860.50
    Total withdraw $ 16.53
    Last update Apr 17,2007


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    Re: Act In Business Online For The 2nd Round

    Payouts are made daily.
    We have to precise that we started our payouts since the Apr-15-2007 10:27:49 PM

    We are a hyip program that evoluate positively with our members.
    Thank you to note that we are already paying all our members daily.

    The minimum $10 is calculated for a better stability for our investors and also for our program.

    Pease see our stats :
    Started Apr 5, 2007
    Running days 19
    Accounts 63
    Active accounts 50
    Deposited $1,940.22
    Withdraw $ 130.38
    Visitors online 5
    Members online 0
    Newest Europa_Gold
    Last update Apr 24, 2007

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