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    George Millard & Andrews European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

    Does anyone Know anything about what appear to be one of the newest scam on the block.

    Their website seem real at https://www.gmanda.com/index.php

    but they dont respond to phone calls just a busy voice message.

    Please let me know if anyone has gone past the registration or whether anyone want to try game these guys to test their stuff!

    their registration is at:




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    Re: George Millard & Andrews European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

    Welcome to Scam.com.

    Per the domain registration at whois.domaintools.com/gmanda.com the website is not even a month old and uses a private registration service.
    Quote Originally Posted by DomainTools
    I haven't been able to locate a business registration with either companieshouse.gov.uk (in the UK) or kepler.sos.ca.gov (in California) for the names 'George Millard & Andrews' or 'GM&A'.

    They also are not listed with either lawyers.findlaw.com/lawyer/state/california or martindale.com.

    I used California because that is the only real address I can find anywhere.

    Per their Contact Us;
    Quote Originally Posted by gmanda.com
    Per the USPS that's not even a valid address;
    Quote Originally Posted by USPS
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    Re: George Millard & Andrews European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys

    Thanks guys This is clearly a scam aimed at sniffing an individual Address and other details.

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