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    Any suggestion of "type from home" that legit and real?

    Hi I am new to the work from home issue and would like to try.

    I am a student and study aboard, I wish to earn some money from "typing from home" thing. I have research a few websites but skeptical whether it is scam or legit, is there any one really have tried and really get paid. please recommend!!

    I dont aim for earning thousand a day but at least I can support my expenses.

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    Re: Any suggestion of "type from home" that legit and real?

    I don't believe that any type from home jobs(data entry) are real. If you have to pay for the service then it is likely not a real job opportunities.

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    Re: Any suggestion of "type from home" that legit and real?

    There are real companies that hire listed on my website, wahm.com and others. Being Abroad though I don't know if they will hire? The things you see that offer type at home, data entry etc and that charge a fee are usually selling information on how to use clickbank and adwords to make money. Not really a job and you can even lose a lot of money if you aren't experienced in bidding for keywords etc.

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