I have been approached by family to invest in an oversea company in Panama. The company is called Natural Corporation (NCI). for this investment a crowne gold account is set up and the money is wired to that account. From there it is wired to a beneficiary bank (Banco Uno Panama) and a beneficiary company (Nombre Crown Gold).

I have personally met with someone who has been known to the family for 4-5 years. They seem to be good and have invested themselves. I am not worried about them cause they have lots of local ties to the area. They have also gone to Panama personally and have been to the office. Don't know if that means anything.

There is an address and telephone number but through research I know that this does not mean much. Phone calls can get re routed.

Just wondering if anyone has heard of or invested with this company. The returns are great.

Any info would be great help.