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    Is this a scam? I'm pretty sure it is but I just want to:

    1. get confirmation that it is a scam
    2. inform others concerning it

    I got an e-mail from a professor kerry (professor.m.kerry at gmail) with subject heading: "You Have Been Chosen By Your Professor To Be a Part of Our Elite Student Allianc..."

    It says something like "To become part of our group, there are a few steps you have the option of benefiting from: First, we encourage you to forward this e-mail and perhaps send supplementary e-mails of your own to fellow students who you would be interested in assisting you to complete our projects. This makes you a team leader; the more students from
    college [and high school] you get to register under your name, the higher you are ranked in our system, and the more money you will earn."
    and also, it gives this link http://jngo.net/y.z?l=http%3A%2F%2Fw...om&e=826754754

    I think it's a scam so I would advise you not to subscribe to anything but I would just like to hear from others who've encountered this.

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