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    china city 2008 laptop scam

    [i ran into this web site from china call www.chinacity2008.com
    they have laptops at incredible prices and pay pal so I orded 2 but after a few day I became suspicious and all the questions I had ask were avoided like the plague. after being told they were shipped and then told they will be tomorrow I was upset , then they asked me for an additional $135.50 for export taxes, I called paypal and the man their suggested i file a claim and attempt to get a refund asap. i will be waiting for my money now for atleast 30 days as the company keeps lying to me saying they sent an email to paypal authorizing them to refund me but they have never recieved it.

    Anyone every hear of these guys?

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    Re: china city 2008 laptop scam

    I have not heard directly of chinacity2008, but I got scammed by two similar websites, togtrade.com and wto998.com. They look to be the same format, so it's probably the same company or individuals stealing money from people. The only difference I see is that chinacity2008 accepts Paypal. I paid for cell phones from each of the sites - 2 Treo 700w Smartphone was only $210. After I paid via Western Union (I know, I'm stupid), I got a similar request asking for more money for export taxes. I refused and asked for either my product or a refund and I kept getting replies like "our manager must approve the shipment process" etc. It sucks. Anyway, I did this simultaneously on togtrade.com and wto998.com and got scammed out of about $450. Wish I had the money to go to China and find these fools. Paypal should be able to follow through with a chargeback on your credit card in which case you would get your money back. These can take 3-5 weeks so if you've already initiated the chargeback, just be patient. You are in a better situation than I was.

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