I am an Insurance agent and have been for the last 15 years. There are several problems in the industry and in my opinion the biggest is lack of education. The majority of the posts that I read on this site are from people who were taken advantage of by ether unethical or poorly trained sales people.

The first thing all new clients should do is INTERVIEW there potential agent. REMEMBER you are paying money for a service so you should treat this process as a JOB interview. You are the BOSS and you get to choose who you hire. The agent’s job is to evaluate what you are trying to accomplish and make a recommendation to you that is in your best interest. (Sadly this is not usually how the process works) Insurance is very boring and confusing and at times very scary to most people. However any reputable agent or agency will take the time to educate the consumer on why a certain product is best for them.

Every state has a department that regulates the sale of insurance.


These web sites will list agents. Check to see how long your agent has been in the business and how many companies he represents. (After all if you walk onto a Ford dealership don’t expect to come home with a Chevy) If the agent is only licensed with one or two companies take a guess as to which one he will recommend.

This information will give you a start of who you are dealing with. If the agent has been in the business less than 2 years he is a very inexperienced agent however he is not necessarily a bad agent.

Do your homework, how long has the agency he/she works for been in business. Are they members of the local BBB or chamber of commerce.
Do they have a physical office or are they working out of there home.

These simple questions will take most people less than 15 minutes to check and would in my opinion eliminate 90% of the problems clients have.

I welcome any comments or questions and will answer any question anyone has to the best of my ability.