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    Paypal Took My $$$$$$

    Anyone with similar experiences whereas paypal bent you over the table, please add them. I havent logged in to my acct. for awhile, and when I just tried(several times as a matter of fact), I got a message that my acct. was inactive and that I had to open a new one. There would have only been about $30.00 there, but that is not the point. What right do those inbred morons at paypal have to take anybodies money, just because they feel like it. They take mine, they take from the next guy, how long before some son of a who*e slimeball executive is taking a vacation on our (the clients) money. I haven't been able to afford a proper vacation in over 10 years, and now I am expected to pay for a strangers???
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    Re: Paypal Took My $$$$$$

    Some paypal accts were fake. You may have not been in official Paypal website when you created it. I have a paypal acct and touch it maybe once a year. Were you directed to paypal site or did you go to Paypal.com?

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