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    DC International Team?

    Has anyone ever heard of the DC International Team? From what I gather you are paid to market consumer goods with the potential to make large amounts of money...? Unfortunatly, I can't find anything about it online and the group is very forthcoming about exaclty what it is you do. Just curious, if anyone could lend a little insight I would appreciate it. The website is www.dcintlteam.org/ but again it shows very little. Thanks!!

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    Re: DC International Team?

    I see this post is quite old, but I came across it in my own research into this.

    Very little can be found online because you must be a member to access it, and it's powered by Quixtar.

    This is an MLM, however legal it may be, like all things, his is dependant entirely on how many users you can direct through this "online mall".

    The way it works:

    You sign up to for the sales team and are "coached" on what to do. You are asked to divert a certain amount of your shopping, online or otherwise, through this company, which markets certain exclusive products that are always nice to by online (toothpaste, health and beauty products, sports drinks, vitamins, etc.). By you being a customer as well, you help to earn points for yourself, earning barely ten dollars, but something never the less.

    From there, you get others to do the same, thus earning you points, therefore increasing your comission.

    Success is all dependant upon how many people you can direct to spend on this website.

    Unlike Ebay or my personal favorite, amazon, you create a login out of nowhere and just start shopping. In perspective, the end use is you, and those you bring in to sell it as well. Fun, huh?

    The legal income potential exists, however not easily, and if you enjoy visiting your local Target for the bargain hunting and would rather not by their products, this is a two thumbs down.

    I gave them a "thanks, but no thanks".


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