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    Vitamark- has anyone heard?

    Has anyone heard of vitamark? And if so does it really work? I am so tired of trying to find a legit stay at home job/business!!

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    Re: Vitamark- has anyone heard?

    Not asscoiated with vitamark, but i know some people who have done well and others that have failed. I am in the wellness business and am doing good. Have you established a budget? Do you know how and who you would market to ?

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    Re: Vitamark- has anyone heard?


    Vitamark has an awesome foundation with their owners. I have a very good frienf of mine who is absolutely rocking Vitamark. He is an Ambassador (currently it's the top position hit by their reps- they have another level above but noone has hit it yet). Let me know if I can help, I'd be glad to put you in contact with him.
    FYL's response to ACNs revenue their 5th year in business:

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    ACN did in the 100's of millions.

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    Re: Vitamark- has anyone heard?

    What is their product ? Diet cookie by chance?
    What is the start up cost? Where is the website? What is there payplan? Do they have training calls? Please give more info!!!

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